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  1. UPDATE: Problem solved. Creature Slaughterdome was still locked. I unlocked it, and everything seems to work. Ihad borderlands 2 working as a GOD before, but my HD crashed. I had been running everything off the docked HDD, so when I rebuilt, I moved to an external HD, and FSD3. Now I cannot get Borderlands 2 to correctly recognize (at least) the mecromancer DLC. Here's what I have. jtag (of course)borderlands 2:Compatibility pack (i know i don't need this, but i doubt its the problem)Season pass.Captain ScarlettCollector's editionCostume packCreature slaughter domeMecromancerMr. tongue campaignPremier clubSir Hammerlock's big hunt I tried using the title update manager, downloaded all the title updates (I told them to save to the HD), and set the latest one active, the mecromancer still doesn't show up when you start a new name.i also downloaded the latest title update (TU_1A5823S_0000008000000.0000000000202), and manually put it in the cache folderWhen i go into storage under the vanilla dash and examine borderlands 2, all the dlc shows up as if there's no problems.When i start borderlands 2 (from FSD3, obviously) and start a new game, it doesn't give me the option to choose the mecromancer. anybody have any clue why this would be?
  2. Hey, just curious. You posted in my other thread, where I'm having a similar issue. So I came over to read yours. I notice you say "when I first installed this latest beta, my default IP address settings had reverted back to an Automatic Assign setting, which kept me from connecting to the router altogether." Is my default IP address setting not supposed to be on automatic? If not, what is it supposed to be on? I've tried messing with the settings...I try testing the connection to the PC, and it works great. Even so, when go back to F3, it doesn't have an effect on whether things download...they still just sit there at the bottom. But maybe my settings are wrong. Thanks for your time. I appreciate it.
  3. No Nothing yet, but I'll post here if I find something.
  4. Bah, sorry. I meant to include that in my OP. No, Livestock is disabled.
  5. Disclaimer: I have read though this forum, and the tutorials section looking for someone with a similar problem. So far I haven't found anything. But I apologize if this issue has been addressed somewhere else. Okay, so first of all, here's my setup: Kernel 16197, built using xeBuild GUI 2.086 Dashlaunch 3.04 Freestyle Dash 3.04 http://i.imgur.com/5Qf3A.pngThe problem: Even though I have it connected to a wired internet connection, it won't download cover art, or title updates. When I enter my zip code in the weather search, it just sits there. It has an IP address, and as you can see in the bottom of the picture I've linked above, I'm able to use that IP address to connect to the webUI. But then it has the "Status : HTTP : 117 items left (0.00kBps)" thing going one. I've tried resetting my router, and I've tried actually going into my router's webUI and setting the Xbox outside the DMZ. Is there something painfully simple I'm overlooking? Or am I in trouble here. Thanks in advance for any advice. *Edit* Livestong is disabled.
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