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  1. About XeXMenu I can not start it because this does not support the launch of Marketplace. About Freestyledash, I can call it to start, but from the Xbox comes back, that it is not bootable, although how I played it could still be started.Problem still unresolved. The last logfile of Freestyle Dash is in the attachment. debug.log
  2. I think the title IDs from the database do not match the correct title IDs. The database needs a correction update.Why can't I start Skyrim and other games (via Aurora)?
  3. Hello, I have the following problem that Skyrim does not start anymore. It has been downloaded from the Xbox Marketplace. I've always tried in Aurora to start the game but the game does not start. When I accidentally deleted the Installed Title Update, I could not download any more. On the "xboxunity.net" page, there are many title updates available. Can anyone help me? Thanks in advance. Headline
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