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  1. Anybody tried Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3? I'm also using GOD containers. In both Aurora and Freestyle dash it switches, but then the console freezes. Works fine using dashlaunch's auto swap and launching the games through Microsoft dash. Haven't tried any other games.
  2. XboxUnity.net has a decent title update database, but is there any website that has a complete set of the latest TU's that you get from xbox live for every game released?
  3. I don't find no update option for it. I wanna know does this software function online or offline, will it work? Here is a screenshot of what I have I just wanna use to fix bad blocks on my nand
  4. I'm unable to find j-runner. I would really appreciate somebody could provide a working a link .
  5. Is it okay to update the xbox 360 dashboard through xbox live system update. I am on "2.0.16747.0" right now. Would it be okay to let xbox live update it to "2.0.17150.0" ? Or should I use "Simple Nand Flasher"? My board and flash are "Corona" types and the hack is "Glitch2" type. I'm asking this because for some odd reason I haven't been banned, just yet.
  6. So you mean to say that FSD works correctly even after you launch the wrong disc like launching Mass Effect 2 Disc 2 and then selecting the new game option?
  7. Is there a way a confirm whether the Title Update is active or not without using FSD/Aurora?
  8. Now this is interesting. I enabled Dashlaunch's autoswap in behavior section and it swaps the disc flawlessly with both Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3. But you need to make sure you haven't opened FreeStyleDash even once before launching the game through Microsoft official dashboard. I guess the FSD plugin is still loaded even after exiting FreeStyleDash.
  9. I would like to know if there's a way to apply title updates to games converted to GOD containers using ISO2GOD and running them from the official Microsoft dashboard.
  10. Can anyone please let me know whether you need a flashed xbox 360 to run Freestyle dash (iso version) or any other home brew application for that matter from a burnt disc.
  11. Didn't really try your method, but after reading extensively on the xbox360iso.com forums, it seems that new game would only start when you launch it from disc 1 and not launching disc 2 and then swapping. I guess so what I'm experiencing is normal. Thanks for your post anyway
  12. I was kinda hopin the same. Hope it works. Thanx
  13. I haven't really reached to the point where it asks me to change the disc 1 to disc 2. I just wanna ensure that the MultiDisc plugin works before I start playing the game.
  14. Not really, the game works fine if there's no disc swapping involved. What I did was this : I launched disc 2. Then I selected new game option. I am asked to insert disc 1. It automatically switches. Then I try to launch the game and it freezes, and I have to unplug the power adapter to turn it off (P.S.- The game does launch if I select new game option by loading disc 1)
  15. I transferred using a usb flash drive. Should I try FTP?
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