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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, a total Xbox 360 here. Recently I decided to venture into the world of consoles for the first time so I bought a RGH slim model which has Aurora 0.7 and FreeStyle 3 installed. Due to aesthetic reasons I decided to stick with Aurora which is also very noob friendly. But I have a few questions: 1. Aurora shows that I have DashLaunch plugin installed and when I checked the settings I noticed that the multi disc autoswap functionality was disabled so I enabled it through the DashLaunch installer. Is this ok or does Aurora use its own disc swapping routine? The main reason for this question is that I read Aurora uses a FSD plugin for this feature but I can't find it anywhere under installed modules. 2. My games library consists of extracted images (xex) and I know that there are different types of multi-disc games. So I know where to place the content folder files but I'm unclear on the games that are different. I decided to extract those games in the following manner: HDD1:\Games\Game\<Disc 1 content> HDD1:\Games\Game\Disc 2\<Disc 2 content> etc. I would like to know if this folder structure is correct and if the disc swapping routine (question 1) will handle it correctly? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. First thing you need to do is update to FSD 2.0 RC 1.8, after it downloads and installs it will reboot into the new dash. Make sure that all of the games discs are visible in your games list, if you have disc 2 inside the disc 1 folder either take it out or add the path to disc 2 in your content paths settings. Once you are sure all your multi disc games have all of their discs visible in the games list you can go into the settings and clear your DB(utilities -> settings -> general settings -> reset settings -> clear data). This will rescan everything and download all of your art again, this may take some time depending on how much of a filthy pirate you are . While it does that FTP into your JTAG and delete the swap.xex you have in the root of your harddrive if you have setup the dashlaunch disk swapper plugin, you should also delete you multi.ini. Edit your launch.ini and remove the call for swap.xex in the plugin section. Ok so now you have everything downloaded and multi disc games auto swap for you YAY! Now having 2 copies of the same game in your games list is starting to bug the shit outta you.... no problem, go to the duplicate game in your games list and go to the options. Select move game and then no section. Now that game is still in your DB but does not show up in the visual list. Another great release team ** The Plugin now works with extracted and GoD games in Freestyle Dashboard 2.0 RC 2.0+
  3. I am trying to run Mass Effect 2. Using Free Style Dash 3 rev775. The disc swaps automatically but the console completely freezes when loading the game. I'm not using swap.xex (Actually never even downloaded that plugin). The autoswap function is also off. (Using Dashlaunch 3.14). I tried this with both ISO extracts and GOD container. Both the discs show up in the game list as well. I don't have any other multi disc games, so can't tell about other titles. I've recreated the GOD containers several times, and copied them over, but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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