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Found 6 results

  1. I was thinking that the game cover.bin file in game data in f3 has game cover in Xbox . If I will send that file to other Xbox and transfer it in other f3 game data, will the cover show up or will not work . Is it possible?
  2. its way only when nothing is helped .... like reinstalll reset and rescan content...... here the solution why fsd refuse to show games or hombrew when you exactly sure that you copied the games and the games or hombrew is chosen in content settings and youve tryid to renistall and reset fsd rescan content and its not helped ????? continue reading . sometimes the problem is the directory of games. problem is because of you have copied the all game directory from another hdd or friends internal hdd may be !!! ) you need to create new folder on the hdd. Solution : just connect the exhdd or internall hdd what ever to pc and create new folder . Example .... Your old folder called games . And fsd won't show the content ! Create new folder called game and cut all the games directories from games to game . Choose this directory in fsd conntent settings . In my case USB:/game ! And restart fsd . You done . You must see after restart fsd is downloading artwork on the status bar In case with god files : need to try ..... I think the trick is the same try to recreate the directories of the games I mean delete all god games from the Xbox and recreate all games directories manually try on one game first create the directorie and put the internal files of god game to it . it must soleve the issue . ill check on God When ill have time Hope its helped
  3. Hey gang! This is my first post, and I'm so excited to finally have a modded console! Woo hoo! While copying my hard copy collection onto my console, I started wondering if there's a way to set custom organizing fields in the dashboard's game library. I'd really like to have something like "fighting," "shmup," or "FPS" folders or collections that I could sort my games into. Is there any kind of software or app I could install that would let me do something like this? I saw there was a game organizer for FSD 2, but it doesn't have the kind of sorting capability I'm after. Does something like this exist for a modded 360? Thanks! -Jonny
  4. Please Upload your GameData folder from the directory below Here: (Hdd1:/Games/)FSD 3/Data/GameData I need it to find out something about Cover Arts. Thanks.
  5. i just got a corona xbox 360 with the option to extract to my hard drive and play from there. i'm a bit of a noob so please bear with me if you will. one of my extracts got messed up in process and i need to do it again. 2 questions: 1. how do i delete the existing folder? (i tried going to the folder and pressing delete but it just took me to the inside of the folder) 2. is it possible to overwrite? also, as a side question, is it possible to check while extracting if the disc is faulty or some data are corrupt, so in case the disc is not working properly i can get a replacement (i do buy a few used games)
  6. Hello everyone. Let´s see if you can help me. I have an Slim 4GB with RGH and actually using FSD 3.0, and except Dashlaunch everything runs from an external HDD. I was trying to play Gears Of War 3 with Link so I downloaded de TUs with de Title Updates Manager from the FSD. I couldn´t activate any of them so I deleted them, but they still appear in the FSD3DataTitle Updates. I delete de cahce memory, the TUs from the Title update Manager and even re-installed the FSD 3 but the TUs still appeared but doesn´t get active in Systema Link (it still shows TU = 0). I even have the TU on a pendrive formated with the Xbox, but nothing happens. Can anyone tell me where to finally delete those TUs to meke the dissapear???? By the way, i don´t use GODs and my games are Extracted ISOs. Also, I used an Xbox formated pendrive to put the TU in the Internal Memory but it stillshoes me TU = 0 in System Link. Please, someone help me cause it´s driving me insane!!!! Thanks in advance.
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