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  1. I have been having a problem with F3 and using Title Updates. When I download them through F3 and turn one on, sometimes it won't work. I will get out of my game check the Title Update manager for the game and it will say it is on but I can't get it to work. Even if I check the System Settings and go to storage it won't show the Title Update. I have even tried adding my own Title Updates and it will end up deleting them. Right now I am playing Forza Horizon mostly when this occurs because everytime I go into the game I have to get out because it doesn't load up the Title Update even though the Title Update manager says it is on. Usually when this occurs I also get a duplicate of the Title Update to appear which is really strange. So far I have had this problem with every game that I have played. I am on the 16202 dash with the newest F3 update. I don't really need help with this because I can deal with it but it is frustrating and just something for the devs to look at. Thanks.
  2. Makes sense but I do like the theme created by ickna11. The Ayr and Vorpal themes, they are pretty cool and unique.
  3. Oh well thanks for the help. You are really gonna wait that long for it?
  4. Is that gonna remove all of my covers and scan paths?
  5. I was hiding some of the multiple disc games so I only had one of each but while doing that my game Rainbow Six Vegas 2 was hidden but I didn't do it. I go to the hidden games section on the HTTP server and the game is there. I change it from Hide Game to Xbox 360 game, save details and it still does it. I don't understand why it is basically locked on me. This is the only problem that I have encountered with the F3 dashboard. Please help anybody, thanks in advance.
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