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  1. WTB: DemoN Corona QSB V2

    Yeah I was considering doing that but then some dude on the TX site mailed me one for a buck lol. Mods feel free to close this thread.
  2. WTB: DemoN Corona QSB V2

    I bought an Xecuter DemoN to put into a corona v5 but ended up with the wrong QSB (the V1). I'm looking for the V2. It'll say V2 on the QSB itself. I've scoured all the sketchiest Chinese/Russian/Brazilian/Italian sites with no luck. I'm in the USA. Let me know if you have a spare I could buy. I can pay however necessary. Thanks in advance!
  3. Skryim crash on loading DLC

    May not be directly an issue with aurora but thought I'd check here. So I have skyrim installed on my HDD and running fine. When I install all the DLC packs it hangs and crashes on the main menu during the "loading additional content" or whatever it says. I tried installing all the title updates through aurora and activating the most current and no dice, still a fatal crash. Any thoughts/suggestions? EDIT: it was an issue with the title update. Not sure if aurora was applying it incorrectly or not. I started the game while connected to the internet and updated via the prompt and now it loads with all DLC no problem.