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  1. Yep I followed your instructions exactly using audacity. Any tips on other software I could try?
  2. Yeah I found that tutorial, the only issue is my XDK came with xma2encode instead of xwmaencode. I've tried following your tutorial using the same steps but I get the following error: EDIT: Disregard. The syntax is just different on the version 2 encoder. It's xma2encode *.wav /targetfile *.xma Converting a batch of sounds now, I'll let you know how it goes. There's no way to convert batches of sounds at once is there? I have something like 4000 sound files to convert lol. EDIT2: So I got the same result. It freezes when the sound is executed in game.
  3. So I've been porting a ton of mods to oblivion on the 360 and I'm having issues with sounds. I've tried a few different methods to convert the .mp3 and .wav files to both .xwm and .xma to try and get them to play on the xbox but all my attempts result in a freeze when the custom sounds are executed. Anyone have any idea how to get the sounds from mods to work properly?
  4. I've got Oblivion stored on my hard drive and when I boot the game it freezes at the menu after I select either "Continue" or "New". I've tried booting it without DLC. I had to manually install the title update due to it not being on unity. It's the GOTY edition so the title update came off of the second disc. I've tried placing the title update in the cache and the content folder as well as booting without the TU. I'm at a loss and I'm jonesing from some Oblivion. I've even tried ripping a disc with a different media ID with the same result. This is the only game giving me issues. Has anyone experienced anything similar?
  5. Bummer. Looks like getting this trainer running is going to be beyond my scope of abilities. I need someone to come along and convert it to a 360 trainer.
  6. The trainer in question is a .etm extension and aurora doesn't recognize it ☹️ I've tried using xored (OG xbox trainer launcher) and it launches, recognizes my directories and trainer but fails when I ask it to launch the game. How does one go about launching OG game trainers?
  7. Are original xbox game trainers supported in any capacity? I'm trying desperately to get the halo 2 remapped AI revision mappack to load on my 360 and I'm starting to believe it's impossible without the yelo trainer. I know yelo needed the xored trainer launcher to get it going. Just curious if there's any information on this out there.
  8. Yeah I was considering doing that but then some dude on the TX site mailed me one for a buck lol. Mods feel free to close this thread.
  9. I bought an Xecuter DemoN to put into a corona v5 but ended up with the wrong QSB (the V1). I'm looking for the V2. It'll say V2 on the QSB itself. I've scoured all the sketchiest Chinese/Russian/Brazilian/Italian sites with no luck. I'm in the USA. Let me know if you have a spare I could buy. I can pay however necessary. Thanks in advance!
  10. May not be directly an issue with aurora but thought I'd check here. So I have skyrim installed on my HDD and running fine. When I install all the DLC packs it hangs and crashes on the main menu during the "loading additional content" or whatever it says. I tried installing all the title updates through aurora and activating the most current and no dice, still a fatal crash. Any thoughts/suggestions? EDIT: it was an issue with the title update. Not sure if aurora was applying it incorrectly or not. I started the game while connected to the internet and updated via the prompt and now it loads with all DLC no problem.
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