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  1. I'll check it out.. lol.. can't promise anything tho
  2. Just because you join a lobby, does not mean there is a game available.. games have slots, those get filled.. you have to wait to join..
  3. I know.. the cb's were split on phats, ect.. but guide tells you to flash a dud nand then flash ecc back, ect.. which is pointless if you can already get xell working.. but op is having trouble probably due to no 14xxx dash files..
  4. The damn guide tells you to flash the nand fool.. I said that part of the guide was kinda pointless.. LMFAO.. take a chill pill homeboy..
  5. Just because you join a room, doesn't mean there is a game open..
  6. Portforward.com Is literally one of the first sites to come up when you Google "how to Port forward"
  7. www.portforward.com has a list of damn near all routers and how to set them up.. topic should be closed..
  8. And if you know, then still is pointless to flash a nand, then flash ecc again, just to get ldv and such.. all pointless if you ask me.. when doing rgh nand that is.. but, to simply change a nands kv to match CPU key and what not.. pointless if xell already works.. lol
  9. Upnp is what forwards the ports for u.. simple google search will answer.. but to answer your question, you dont need open ports to play, only to host
  10. heck.. i honestly dont think MOST of that stuff is needed if you can boot xell already.. lol.. i think flashing the "OG" nand is to just get xell working again..
  11. No need for all of that.. but you do put it on hdd just like fsd/xexmenu/xm360 or even extracted game
  12. my vids are in the skin dev section.. i believe my tuts are pinned as well there..
  13. lemme get this straight.. what is the purpose of you trying to do this? as.. you can already delete the cache easily.. and if the TU isnt there when you load the game, aurora will place in correct location.. NOW.. you have an extreme misunderstanding of the TU system.. if the TU is small, it goes into the cache location, this isnt old kernel vs new kernel stuff.. once the TU reaches a certain size, then it gets transfered to the tu0000000_0000000 format and goes into the install dir, since the cache is a very small space.. case-in-point: Minecraft TU's were originally placed into the cache partition, but as the game got larger updates, the cache partition couldnt hold the data anymore, hence the change.. "compat packs" are essentially the updates too big to be title updates, and whatnot..
  14. well.. im not "affiliated" with team phoenix.. i do not mind helping.. lol.. BUT.. being unable to re-create the issue.. is annoying.. haha.. cant help if i cant find it.. but yeah, as far as i know, it is a minor bug.. and as swizzy stipulated before, more than likely a translation issue, which is minor, but yeah also due to switching up formats and whatnot.. could be the issue, such as with the RSS feed bug atm.. lol.... i am pretty sure it will be sorted in 0.7..
  15. Haha.. i dont hate your choice of stuff.. haha.. but.. not like imma cart around a 32" tv and my xb360 with a generator.. testing out hotspots and how well they work.. hahaha... cops be like wtf? Lol