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  1. You can always upload to mediafire, mega, or where ever.. and share the link on this thread.. simple solution really.. instead of complaining about 1 small error..
  2. All consoles are pc's in a box.. lol.. just depends on the coding language, and the hardware specs, that makes em different.. since ps4/xb1 use x86 architecture this time around, they are more closer to pc's.. hence why m$ can do the play anywhere titles, because the games dont have to be converted lol.. But yeah atari, nes, snes, playstation, gameboy's, sega, all of their consoles are pc's lol..
  3. The files are basically zips without the extensiom, the default.xex has the info on how to use those files.. each game company uses a diff compression method..
  4. Game is glitchy.. period.. haha.. and no hot coffee mod.. why play it? Why not play gta5 which is a better version altogether?
  5. If op is using external, seems like they do not have hddalive option on lol
  6. Oi, question has been answered 1000's of times by now.. search, dont post a new damn thread..
  7. If the trainer works for the new copy, and not yours.. then something else went wrong.. there is no easy way to tell either.. Edit: but.. for some reason, the trainer encountered an error, and didnt load.. wrong tu, wrong media id, something.. but as i said.. no "easy" way to find out..
  8. Wow.. i am surprised.. yes you can put the games anywhere and have aurora scan it.. and will show.. if you try to use another location with stock, they wont show.. And also.. since 17349, people can put dlc on usb's.. via content/0000000000000000/ Section.. as well as tu's and whatnot.. Internal is highly recommended, as that is the way the console is made.. simply put, use internal hdd.. 0 problems.. God v. Xex there really isnt but a few seconds "maybe" lol.. unless you have 2 consoles, running same exact game, at exact time, then you will not notice the difference.. what really makes a difference.. is the disc speed.. 5400rpm drives work slower than 7200rpm.. God format: Less prone to missing files Xex format: More easier modding possibility.. such as with skyrim, you can just add stuff into the games structure and it will work, while god version needs custom made dlc.. What it boils down to? Personal preference.. some games dont work extracted.. but as i say, nothing wrong with god's.. unless you need to pick apart the game itself.. which is not really recommend.. nor is trainers and such supported here..
  9. Lol yeah xD
  10. You have no idea on what i said.. it takes the default.xex of the extracted game. And makes an iso.. not one that can be used with burned drives, but it can make an iso for iso2god
  11. wrong.. 360mpgui can create an iso, that can be converted to god.. ;-)
  12. Jrunner works fine on win10.. you just have to run as admin, jrunner even tells you this ;-) lol
  13. Something isnt copying correctly when you transfer it.. i recommend against extracted version for this very reason.. did you use auroras extract? Did you extract it yourself?
  14. Np, they are all pinned at the top too.. been there for a long time too
  15. There are a few more guides.. they are in the skin dev section..