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  1. Well.. go with a better way.. use 360 content manager, it can unlock it for you.. swizzy has a license cleaner app too that will work.. also.. I should say xm360 only looks in the default location for xbla, not externals or other locations..
  2. Did you rename the wav to the exact same file name? Did you convert the wav accordingly with audacity? Just because you have a .wav extension.. doesnt mean the bitrate/ect is supported.. it is kinda picky when it comes to wavs.. Edit: I'll take a look in a few..
  3. You shouldn't be cloning hdds.. you should be copying the content to another HDD or thumb drive.. then transfer that to the new HDD.. cloning can cause problems.. and limit the amount of space you have if the new HDD is bigger than the previous..
  4. You gotta get xexmenu live version, and place that onto a thumb drive.. you can make a data CD/DVD too.. but I prefer to have xexmenu installed and launchable from NxE, just in case something happens..
  5. You have to scan every time with xm360, as it works like Aurora.. it makes a DB of your current games.. you have to scan to add to the DB..
  6. It could be due to you using a mod.. but.. since bops2 became backwards compatible.. I noticed it doesn't save my default pick.. ex chosing zombies to load instead of the menu.. but I haven't played in a while as work has been keeping late as hell.. so could be an issue with TU or something
  7. The trainer has to be updated, rebuilt.. and you need new offsets as more than likely all the codes changed.. and.. yeah.. so good luck on making your own mate..
  8. Actually.. there is a simple ass way to convert stuff in a newer Aurora release.. but.. that's my secret.. cough *copy/paste* LMFAO.. then you only have to update the fields that have been changed or re-worked.. Edit: but yeah.. from the preview they put up.. 0.7b will have alot of stuff to change and tinker with hahaha
  9. This has been brought up before.. average drop is from 11mb to ~9mb.. I honestly don't care about the loss.. but I feel where you are coming from.. but has been brought up before.. Edit: I think it's due to the coverflow honestly.. as fsd didn't load it until you selected an option, xb360/xbla/emu/ect.. but Aurora loads it immediately.. ofc I haven't been able to find what the exact culprit is on the loss of speed.. but yeah.. I'd use xm360, xexmenu, dashlaunch before I'd use fsd to ftp stuff.. but just my opinion
  10. I wish people would say what the actual problem was.. it has nothing to do with Aurora.. if you do not have Avatar data installed, bops2 will crash every time you load up a 2 player game.. 1 player works just fine.. but 2+ crashes..
  11. I have xdk with 17349.. lol.. but.. tyedye was pissed that no one was donating.. hence why they stopped(I think).. he also said he had rgloader working on the higher one, 17489 I think.. but yeah.. scene is dead.. and I couldn't get ahold of anyone about the stuff needed.. lol.. so yeah.. rgloader is dead haha
  12. That is only to launch games from NxE.. has nothing to do with Aurora..
  13. google translate helps REALLY well in matters like these mate.. and its free Google Translate hilft WIRKLICH gut in Sachen wie diese mate .. und seine kostenlos https://translate.google.com/
  14. i dont know if it was fixed, but i DO know there used to be a bug with infinite scanning.. try setting the scan depth to 9 and see if that fixes the problem? if not, mattie or someone will have to give info for
  15. Im gonna assume 4b5907e0 as the xb.com links have the titleid as the last 8 chars of the links