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  1. would assume 360 lol..
  2. Can you burn homebrew to a disc? Yes, you can burn extracted games as well.. in a DataDvD.. only for rghs Can you burn a disc to play on a retail, flashed or not? Short answer, hell no. All homebrew is unsigned xex's.. retail units need signed xex's to work.. Lt3 works by spoofing specific data.. not by running unsigned code.. these are the basic differences between retail and modded.. fml
  3. Umm.. there is a thread with this posted in it.. 58 is the latest.. use the search bar
  4. Removing saved games doesnt do jack to their profile size.. and saved games are drastically small.. remove a game or 2.. then try.. Now.. profiles get a .gpd everytime a game is loaded.. this is what makes the profiles big in size.. 100's of games inside the profile.. so deleting a save game isnt going to reduce that much space.. as i said.. remove a game or 2.. free up 5-10GB.. and try again..
  5. The only pluging needed is xbdm.xex.. nothing else.. and you need to be on a devkit kernel.. using regular rgh nand isnt recommended.. you CAN find values.. but actually searching and stuff for them.. will give you errors and such..
  6. netflix_rgh

    I honestly doubt it is a custom patch with the tu mate.. i tried before when the paywall 1st dropped.. netflix didnt work.. but.. on the other hand.. on retail xbox, netflix will work without a profile.. as my gf cant figure out her pass.. so.. cant sign in profile no more.. so this is actually what might have it working.. The huge problem with that?? Making a trainer to do that, would be having to find out where the response is, how to patch it with proper code, or nop it.. Hex editing the program would be easier as you find offsets with ida that are different from the offsets trainers will use.. this is easily found out when you compare offsets for rte's people put out on other forums.. but the offsets are different when in game.. if you can catch what im saying
  7. I would say free up more space.. as your profile gets bigger in size every time you play a new game.. lol..
  8. All apps will show in aurora mate.. nothing special was done to netflix to get it to "show in aurora".. as aurora just scans.. now.. actually using netflix on rgh.. wasnt really applicable as there used to be a pay wall.. and required atleast a silver account when the paywall came down..
  9. netflix_rgh

    Actually.. i just tested this.. works just fine.. Wonder if it'll be patched some time.. lol
  10. Try free up some space.. see if the error still happens
  11. All of us have had that steep learning curve mate.. atleast you have my tutorials up.. i didnt even have that when i started hahaha..
  12. Do you have avatar update installed??
  13. Did you try another profile? Is the profile you are using an online profile?? Cuz dashlaunch setting will make it seem messed up when it isnt.. the option to disable live msgs or w.e.. as when you use live profile, xbox asks you if you want to connect to live, and the dashlaunch option will always close it out, and u wont sign in..
  14. Ahh ok.. then it was gambada or w.e that changed the other info.. to change synopsis has to be a manual db edit..
  15. You can actually use xorloser (i think is the proper name) tool.. not xextool but pkg tool.. to achieve what you are trying.. its what 360 content manager uses to read the info from the packages, god/dlc/ect.. and its command-line.. so a simple .bat could scan and produce stuff.. but i might be getting in over my head here lol.. someone with more programming knowledge should chime in..