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Found 37 results

  1. Hey community, i'm new here and glad to be here great forum ! I have found it at my way to update my FreestyleDash. I had version 2.2, a friend has made me my JTAG Box. Now, i have updated my Xbox to Version 3 rev735 and as good as anything works. I have not used DLC until now. I have read a many tutorials and i think i have done all right... There are two DLC for MetalGearSolid Rising. There are unlocked and region free. The game and DLC. The game has the newest TU, downloaded in the F3. And it is active. I have try to download it manually but it has not changed. This is the directory where the DLC's are: "OnBoardMUContent00000000000000004B4E080A00000002" I must have done something wrong, but i dont know what. I hope anything else can help me. greetings
  2. Hi there! I own an RGH Jasper Fat xbox 360, and always I try to download TU's, I can't reach speeds higher than 50KBps... most of the time, the download are between 15kBps and 30kBps. The curious is that two friend connected their RGH Jasper and Falcon Fat Xbox's at my network and they where able to reach higher speeds like 200 to 400 KBps to download the same TU's for the same game titles (CoD Black OPs II). Can anyone explain what may be the problem with my console? Additional details: . There are no specific rules on my network to my xbox console, except ports opened for LINK to work, and my console being on the DMZ (the other two where not, but I tried to change IP address from my console and noticed no changes on the download speeds). . All mentioned consoles are at the same versions (Dashlaunch 3.07, Kernel 2.0.16203, F3 Dash Version 3.0b Rev735). . All mentioned consoles were connect by ethernet cables (means it's not a wireless issue). . Checked setup on Dashlaunch and seems to be exactly the same on each console. . Made the transfer tests at the same time. . Transfer from other files like covers are much faster than the TU's (on my own console), so the problem seems to be related to TU's specifically. I hope someone can help me figure out what may be the problem and how to fix it, since it's such a pain everytime I need to download TU's directly from F3 with this performance... Thanks in advance to everyone who can give a shot trying to solve this mistery! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  3. Hi F3 Development Team First above all .. Thank you for everything Freestyle was a turning point for our console gaming life's despite many crashes with FREESTYLE v2x we were happy and when F3 came .. salvation is here until.... ============================= MY QUESTION how to reset F3 settings to 0 or clean install what files/folders should i delete can i delete it directly or through FTP BTW F3 is installed in the internal HDD =============================== MY PROBLEM IN FULL DETAIL used a WD 1TB Elements as ExHDD & set paths GOD --------> GOD Games Games ----> RHG/Jtag Rip /MultiDisc & Everything was fine until i replaced it with bigger 1.5TB of same brand & model scanning won't find any games (except for 1 titles that wasn't in 1TB) disconnected the 1.5TB attach it my pc & changed GOD,Games to GOD0,Games0 attached again ... set new paths ..scan .. worked Heaven Tried to remove the old scan paths .. toke a long time then FREEZE after restart .. old paths still there .. but library is empty from any ExHDD titles and scan won't find any don't want change to GOD1,Games1 .. but instead i like to reset F3 * reseting setting just delete all my covers T_T
  4. I was searching this forum and whole web but without any success.I have RGH only 2 weeks. First time in F3 was great Cower Flow - only with games on drive. But after few days, (I thing after Kinect Calibration) there appears these files: - AvatarEditor- dash.ExtraAVCodecs- dash.firstuse- dash.natalpregame- dash.NuiFirstUse- Dash.Search- dashnui- Guide.AccountRecovery- Guide.AvatarMiniCreator- Guide.Fitness- Guide.NuiTroubleshooter- livepack- natalsu- nuihud- Xam.Community- Xam.LiveMessenger- Xam.WordRegister- Xbox Dashboard- XimeDic- XimeDicCh- ximedicex without cover. I thing these files are within some games, or any system files. Am I right? How can i hide these files in cover flow? THNX. p.s.: Sorry for my bad english.
  5. ozzman39


    whenever i try to add the weather widget it refuses to search and pull up the area i am in im running F3.0 rev483 though even when i was running 2.0 it would do this to me to anyone have any ideas what could cause this???
  6. [ Post Update: This is not an F3 Issue as suspected. If you get this same error and you've altered your fan settings or not, my advice is to check your fan settings via FSD or DashLaunch, check the side of the xbox to see if air is blowing out as well as other troubleshooting steps ] I changed the speed of my fan on my Xbox 360 s (Trinity) to 70% a few days back, then after powering off the console going back onto F3 and changed it back to Auto. Its quite possible that F3 may have saved a setting somewhere where the fan speed changed be from 70 to 0. When I powered the xbox on, the fan did not come on, at all. I've no idea what caused this, i deleted F3, reinstalled, no fix, so I just flashed the dashboard again and that fixed it. Of course, I didnt see the fan didnt come on, so took it off, instaleld new thermal paste then after powering up the console with the case open I noticed the fan didn't spin. Not sure if this glitch was on F3 or other but if you change your fan speed, keep an eye on the temp.
  7. Hi,i have now installed F3 and i am signed at JQE360 (nick: yoshi)At home, my router could find LAN games, but at my friend it doesn't I have old Fat xbox360 and the newest F3 dash board with newest dash-launch (I can login to jqe360 though, but when i go to "system link" on CoD:BO2 .. it couldnt find anything)When i am at F3 plugin and hit test ... all passes but PORTs always fail :(What am i doing wrong ? I have tried to set on my router (D-Link) some virtual site with my ports (30000) and then i added it to F plugin but it still doesnt work ... if you have some advice or same problem please let me know :)Thanks very much and greetings from Czech republic
  8. yoshi

    Czech republic

    Ahojte, nešel by někdo se mnou hrát hry například CoD:BO2 nebo Gears of War 3 ?Hi, can you join me for your game ? I will play with you if you want ... just let me know in PM or on skype xxyoshixx51 ... than we can work something out (if is it spam or something, please delete this post :3 )
  9. I've recently RGH'ed my Trinity XBox360 4GB console with 250GB external HDD. I am able to play GOD games in FSD (I use F3), but two black bars come on top and bottom of my TV (It's a really old 21" CRT TV ....which my parents won't allow me to change for a HDTV ). So, plz tell me if there is any way to get FSD working in fullscreen (like the DASHBOARD!). And if not possible, can I run GOD games from external HDD in the XBox360 DASHBOARD?? Plz Help.....(nd I have already googled and searched the entire forum with only 1 common thread....that too was very unclear and was unable to help me....so plz Help) Thanks, AdilDSW.
  10. Just curious if theres anybody else out there having these issues. So I'm putting them down here so you all can chime in and possibly provide me some solutions... 1) Loss of Dolby Digital. Prior to the new F3 dash, whenever I would load up the X-Box (Jasper 256mb via HDMI) it would boot into the FSD 2 dash and be in Dolby Digital Surround. Ever since upgrading to F3, my X-Box now just goes into Stereo. If I go to the official dash (Metro?) it says it's in Dolby Digital, but won't output that way until I switch it first to Digital Stereo then back to Dolby Digital. I'm not sure what the issue here is. It's like F3 isn't handling the passthrough and is instead downmixing. 2) Loss of Network/Internet Connectivity. This has happened in the latest beta that brought LiNK and the new web interface. I have my X-Box set with a static IP address so my router could be properly configured for port forwarding. In the past, the X-Box would boot up and everything would be connected and able to download updates/etc with no problem. Now when I boot up, it just sits there. F3 reports it has the same IP address, but there is no activity; updates don't download and the weather plugin gets N/A data. I can get around this by exiting back to the official dash (Metro?) and then doublechecking the static settings and then it works by testing the PC connection. When I then return to F3, everything suddenly works, downloading weather data and missing art/etc. Again, I'm not sure what could be causing this. It might have something to do with the new LiNK or web interface, although I'm not sure how. In fact, I noticed when I first installed this latest beta, my default IP address settings had reverted back to an Automatic Assign setting, which kept me from connecting to the router altogether. This isn't a MAJOR issue, since I don't do a lot of online stuff, but it's annoying when you get a new game on the drive and then have to go through all the steps before you can download artwork. Both of these issues are directly related to F3, whereas the 2nd one is more to do with the latest update. I really like F3 and don't want to downgrade back to an earlier version to settle these issues. Has anybody else noticed or experienced similar problems? What can I do to fix these aside from my workarounds? Is this maybe just a true -bug- that needs looked at by the devs for a new version? Thans for your time, and thanks a lot to the devs for building such an awesome interface!
  11. Disclaimer: I have read though this forum, and the tutorials section looking for someone with a similar problem. So far I haven't found anything. But I apologize if this issue has been addressed somewhere else. Okay, so first of all, here's my setup: Kernel 16197, built using xeBuild GUI 2.086 Dashlaunch 3.04 Freestyle Dash 3.04 http://i.imgur.com/5Qf3A.pngThe problem: Even though I have it connected to a wired internet connection, it won't download cover art, or title updates. When I enter my zip code in the weather search, it just sits there. It has an IP address, and as you can see in the bottom of the picture I've linked above, I'm able to use that IP address to connect to the webUI. But then it has the "Status : HTTP : 117 items left (0.00kBps)" thing going one. I've tried resetting my router, and I've tried actually going into my router's webUI and setting the Xbox outside the DMZ. Is there something painfully simple I'm overlooking? Or am I in trouble here. Thanks in advance for any advice. *Edit* Livestong is disabled.
  12. First off. Thank you for F3....Simply Amazing! (so Far) My suggestion is to have a "return to games" button within the games list on the http client. Like many others i can't get the covers to download automatically (read the tuts, followed them to the law, and nothing I couldn't manage it in FSD 2.2. So the problem looks like it's me!) so i update my game covers over http, and i think it would help a lot to have this "return to games" button at the bottom of the page next to the "save details" button to return me to the game list i was in. When the details are saved, the page stays at the bottom of the page and then you have to scroll up, select games list and then which ever list you were in and find your game you just updated! Sounds lazy i know! But with a large collection of titles and it can get a bit tedious! And it would be convenient. Don't know if this is even possible? but i thought i would throw it out there for my 1st post. Keep up the great work, Thanks.
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