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  1. Hello There Allanrmartins! I am not an expert, but I can tell you what does work on my case: 1- I have an internal HDD. There I keep all my "/content" files (and that includes XBLA Games, Title updates and DLC´s for every game I have on both internal and external HDD). 2- I have an external USB HDD as well, but on this one I only keep my retail games (not any of my XBLA games, TU´s and DLC´s). 3- Latest F3 and Dashlaunch updates always installed. By the way, the last F3 update will allow you to download only the last Title Update for each of your games. If you don´t have it yet, I suuggest you update your F3. Conclusion: If you don´t have any internal HDD on your console right now, I think it won´t hurt if you install one (anyone you can put your hands on without much costs) and see what happens... If this info wasn´t hepfull at all, I hope someone else can help you to actually solve the problem on getting the TU´s working on your system, cause I don´t think I can... maybe doing a fresh dashlaunch and F3 install using the latest version of each... Regards, Apaziguador.
  2. Can I have some help with this? Any ideas or feedback are higly appreciated!
  3. I am not sure this problem is Title-update related but I had the same situation here and what I did at first was to delete and download all Title updates again, but it didn't solve the problem. Second shot was to remove all DLC's and activate them one by one... In my case, I was convinced the problem was on Nuketown zombie DLC. I removed it and now there's no more version mismatch annoying messages. Nuketown 2025 and Revolution DLC's are installed and working. Hope this helps you, since no one else looks to be interested to give any more help about these Title Update issues anymore... Regards, Apaziguador.
  4. Just to mention, I always try different ways to do the removal and replacement of TUs, including some instructions found in the forum such as, deleting all files from CACHE, deleting TUs from Title Update manager, booting the console, asking F3 to downloadém all again etc... Best regards, Apaziguador.
  5. Okay, after a few more tests, it's still a no go... Tried to remove only TU's 6 and 8, asked for F3 to download them again, but only TU 6 was downloaded... and yet with same download speeds... some times before I was able to download TU 8 , and it was even appearing twice on my Title Update Manager (but wasn't getting activated when starting the game so that's why I'm trying to download it again)... I'm wondering, are there several sources for these TU downloads Or does every console with F3 downloads the same files from same sources? I think it may be only one source, but files to download are selected by console region... does it makes sense? If that's the case, what tells the system what files to download? I think there are region settings on dashlaunch... I never messed with these before, but maybe this is the way to find different results on download speeds for the TUs... or not? Anyway, I'm still looking for an answer... anyone with good will to help out is pretty welcome and will receive my advances thanks! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  6. haha! You're right PRAYER! I knew I was going to forget something! Thanks for adding that piece of information! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  7. You can use the auto update function from F3 with no worries, this will not get you banned. If your XBOX Dash Launch is correctly configured (LIVE BLOCK Enabled) then you are safe to use those functions directly from FREESTYLE 3 such as download covers, TUs and to use the auto update function from: SETTINGS >> GENERAL SETTINGS >> UPDATES. The only way you can get your console/account banned is by connecting your JTAG/RGH XBOX 360 console to LIVE. That can only happen, as far as I know, if your dashlaunch is configured with LIVE BLOCK DISABLED. Please, anyone, let me know if I'm wrong on this... Best regards, Apaziguador.
  8. Thanks for the answer, but I don't think it's the case... I left my console downloading again all TU's for the mentioned game and went see some movies. Two movies later, returned to the console... it was off (the system self turned off once it was not being used for a while). Turned on the console again, and now, just checking there is no TU downloaded... I think it partially downloaded something because once I pressed Y to download TUs, there are only 4 itens downloading, but again, speeds are only going from 15kBps to 30kBps. Weird huh? I can't imagine what is going on with this console... but will keep looking for an answer. Best regards, Apaziguador.
  9. Hi there! I own an RGH Jasper Fat xbox 360, and always I try to download TU's, I can't reach speeds higher than 50KBps... most of the time, the download are between 15kBps and 30kBps. The curious is that two friend connected their RGH Jasper and Falcon Fat Xbox's at my network and they where able to reach higher speeds like 200 to 400 KBps to download the same TU's for the same game titles (CoD Black OPs II). Can anyone explain what may be the problem with my console? Additional details: . There are no specific rules on my network to my xbox console, except ports opened for LINK to work, and my console being on the DMZ (the other two where not, but I tried to change IP address from my console and noticed no changes on the download speeds). . All mentioned consoles are at the same versions (Dashlaunch 3.07, Kernel 2.0.16203, F3 Dash Version 3.0b Rev735). . All mentioned consoles were connect by ethernet cables (means it's not a wireless issue). . Checked setup on Dashlaunch and seems to be exactly the same on each console. . Made the transfer tests at the same time. . Transfer from other files like covers are much faster than the TU's (on my own console), so the problem seems to be related to TU's specifically. I hope someone can help me figure out what may be the problem and how to fix it, since it's such a pain everytime I need to download TU's directly from F3 with this performance... Thanks in advance to everyone who can give a shot trying to solve this mistery! Best regards, Apaziguador.
  10. Okay, in the end of the day (literally spent a whole day with tests and retries), finally it is working with TU 6. What I did: deleted all files from inside content/0000000000000000/ related to Black Ops 2, but didn't deleted entries from "manage title updates" from F3 (there was TU's 6 and 7 I've added manually after following this topic instructions). At this point the TU's 6 and 7 are still listed in F3, but there are no files at /content/0000000000000000/ related to them. At least, not anything inside 415608C3 or it's subdirectories, since I deleted the 415608C3 folder. Then, copied everything again in /content/0000000000000000/ from my xbox internal HDD (wich works fine and downloaded TU's directly from F3 manage Title Updates section) to my friends internal HDD (using his external HDD to transport the files from one location to the other). Rebooted, selected the game with Y, and activated one of the two Title update 6 listed now (I choose the new one to appear this time, not the one related to the manually added TU). Started the game and finally it works... Just think this is not definitive sollution, since after new TU's come to the scenario, probably the hard time will come back... So thinking also, why is this happening to his xbox even if I am using the very same files from my xbox? Why can I download these TU's directly from F3 on mine, but not from his? Just to mention, his F3 installation and Dashlaunch installation are the same from mine (I did them too using same versions, same procedures). Hope someone can find an answer to this, and evolve this discussion to help some more people. After all this, I'm almost sure it doesn't matter if you share the very same files you use on your system... there is something else we're missing that can result on TU's working or not. Best regards, Apaziguador.
  11. OK, now tried to delete everything and copy only TU 7 to the console. It showed up on Manage Title Update, I activated, and the game recognized it after starting. But, tried the same with TU 6, it showed, activated, but the game didn't recongined it after starting. Running out of ideas here...
  12. Hi there! I have a XBOX 360 JTAG and CoD Black OPs 2 installed just fine. TU's 1 to 7 downloaded directly from F3 manage TU section. So far, only TU 6 can be activated to play on LiNK. Fine! On this console it is everything fine! My problem is: I am trying to setup the same thing on another console, from a friend, and even using the same game files from my console (exact copy from my HD) on his, we just can't download all the TU's (5, 6 and 7 will never download). On his console, F3 manage TU section will download TU's 1 to 4, always, no matter how many times I delete everything and download again. Tried to download the TU to USBMU01 and it shows 7 downloads to go, but all downloads fail. IF I try to download the TU's to HD , then again It'll download only 4 TU's. I checked an Title ID and Media ID are fine (for instance: 415608c3 and 05c7492a). Tryied to follow the manual procedure (download and copy) from this post, and the TU's appeared at the F3 manage TU section, also I can activate the TU 6, but once I start the game, it shows only TU 0 is activated. Tried to restart the console several times, but no success, this way only TU 0 gets activated . Then I tried to remove everything and copy not only the game files again from my HD, but copied everything from inside content/0000000000000000/415608c3/ as well from my console to his internal HDD and tryied to restart the console, start the game, and restart everything again. The weird thing is that after this, the TU's are not showing on F3 Manage TU section, but starting the game, F3 menu says TU 6 is activated. Can Anyone here help me with this issue! I'm really struggling here trying differents options to solve this puzzle but so far, no good. Thanks in advance! Apaziguador.
  13. Just like many others, can login to a lobby but sometimes it shows up a room full of blank rows, sometimes the room is filled with players ok (speaking only about rooms with someone inside obviously). But even when the join room seems to be working, I cannot see the game session on my game screens... any idea?
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