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  1. ill go for WD 1tb 2"5 scorpio blue thanks mate i wish it will work fine..
  2. what exactly the HDD you buy ? WD blue right ? whats the model number ? is it scorpio ? and is it 7mm or 9.5mm ? cause ill buy just like what you buy so i can sure that it will work haha
  3. do i need to install FSD again or i just copy it xD
  4. when is the release ?
  5. copied all to external then place new internal then copy it back to the new is that is ? xD
  6. how did you transfer your files ? you did what i said ?
  7. btw can i remove the HDD from the case and put the new one on it ?
  8. thanks guys will this work if i change my internal HDD 250gb to 1tb on jtag/rgh 1. copy files from internal to PC via FTP FSD 2.remove internal after step 1 3.place new 1tb internal 4.format internal to xbox format 5.Copy files from pc to new 1tb internal and guys what internal HDD is recommended for xbox i want WD but i dont know what type i know 2"5 for laptops does any WD for laptops works ?
  9. theres a much cheaper way i think because ill use a laptop hard drive
  10. hi before i buy my new internal i just want to know how to transfer the data/games/profiles/FSD3/ and other xbox files to the new hard drive im seaching for a while but i cant find a good tutorial because my 250gb is already full xD anyone could help me ?is it easy as copy paste?
  11. does the cover need to be jpeg? :3 cause idownloaded jpeg from jqe
  12. we move so i dont have net on our house today how to download fsd3 game cover offline? i have net on our store so maybe how to download it and install it manually?
  13. u mean the x in the middle of circle if green its active ?
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