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  1. I have the installer disc but I won't install. In God format don't work as well
  2. armantaleser


    click the xboxunity.net link above.
  3. Hi Please help me how to install expansion pack and dlc of Saint Row the Third and Dragon Age Origins Ultimate. They both have a separate disc for dlc pack. What I did is copy all content to hdd1 content folder. btw, the content has a folder FFFFFFF Please help.
  4. it never happened to me. but can play other game if shows the same thing.
  5. Why did they call it a "REMAKE" not a "REMASTERED"? Does it mean they are going to re-create the game?
  6. For me. If I will be asked what is my favaorite game among the series? I would say FF8. Though I am excited with the FFXV but I don't have any 8th gen console yet. lol
  7. Look like you're not reading the forum rules and regulations. English only
  8. you need to extract the iso file using Xbox Image Browser. Put the disc 1 and disc to whatever HD you are using. Hide disc in Aurora.
  9. download the updated horizon. its the best way to solve your problem
  10. a silly question. Why do we need to resize the picture. Why not cut and paste and put behind each other so that it will show up correctly?
  11. I like the idea. hope they can implement this stuff.
  12. i have an xbox 360 E with RGH2 corona MB. Dance Central 3 is the daily game for my little girl with no problem.
  13. Aurora can't read the 2TB content yet. Maybe on the next release.
  14. hahaha. you're right Felida.
  15. do aurora swap disc like the freestyle? or do I need to enable disc swapping in Dashlaunch?
  16. armantaleser


    If I were you. I will go update my dashboard.
  17. remember man that not all games in xbox.com have a trailer. only few
  18. maybe you have played other TU other than 20 before. maybe your world is created with or from another TU. Try creating a new if it still crash. or download the latest TU.
  19. I hope Aurora have this kind of theme. All I can see for now is just changing colors and background. no new look.
  20. asean here from the Philippines. I used to play Link when I was still in Freestyle but I stopped using it when I switch to Aurora because for some reasons I can't make Link working on my jtag.
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