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    ahhh, i'm a idiot!, I thought that only work on the official dash, I just had to select the path... Thanks you
  2. Is there any way to run XBLIG in Aurora? I just ask, because I see many covers in Unity
  3. haha nothing, Thank you for the reply
  4. ok then for the next version, and also the last-played game,
  5. Is there any way to remove "show all"? (quick view). Because button "X" you can "show all" too... Sorry for my traslation
  6. Is Ok, If this is automatic, I do it manually then. Thanks you
  7. This game is a xbla = 5841144C This game is a launcher for the XBLA = 43430840 the content folder for both is = Content/0000000000000000/5841144C Both game share content Can not you just put both games together in xboxunity?
  8. Sorry, what I meant, is that all TU 5841144C works in 43430840 too
  9. TitleID=43430840 MediaID= 4D8D9CDE I just want to say that TU 5841144C, It is the same as 43430840... But it dont share TU.
  10. Thank you both for your help, I solved it, I opened the file content.db with an editor, and changed values "contentflags" 9 for 8. then I replaced the file with the xexmenu
  11. How there's no way you can know? for example: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Blacklist South Park The Stick of Truth Dead space 3 fifa soccer forza motorsport 4 these games have "Better with kinect" and are properly "xbox 360". Then is it a coincidence? okay not important, if i can "add exceptions to the filter manually"... how do I do that?
  12. I tried everything, if i put only "XBOX 360" shows all, (including kinect, All games kinect 360) if i add "AND NOT KINECT" Virtua Tennis 4, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier disappears (including all kinect games) if I put only "KINECT", It shows me all kinect games (kinect 360 and kinect xbla), including Virtua Tennis 4, and Ghost Recon: Future Soldier I concluded that both games, are kinect games for aurora.
  13. sorry, I dont speak English but i want to say this: "Virtua Tennis 4", and "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier", Both support kinect, but are 360 games and both are in Kinect category. How do I move the games to 360 category?
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