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  1. That is class thought my daughter was bad enoth , am in england more like close to north pole always freezing our tits off and the £15 is superb lmfao
  2. I had the same problem iso2God no problem extracted would not play just kicked me back to metro dash i redone all my game's and been fine since
  3. What i done 2tb internal and 2x2 seagate powered external never had a problem with that setup and am sure 6tb will be more than enough
  4. Yip don't use fsd use Aurora personal choice but alot better than fsd3
  5. ken

    [PC] Doom 4

    That looks unreal look forward to that 1
  6. All good here my emulators are in 1 folder on a external HD and named as EMUS and Aurora finds them no problem and play fine
  7. AM i missing something how do you think xbl works with Aurora or any other dashboard on a RGH
  8. But if you do some reading mate i can't see how u can mess anything up. i can loose every thing and have it back as it was within half an hour
  9. Lol 😠are you joking mate they can't show it big enough in the home page.
  10. Try converting to god don't know why but the other week not any of my 500 game's would work in xex format but after 2 days of converting all good now. 😃
  11. Xbox One Backwards Compatible With Xbox 360 Games disc's and digital
  12. Felida iv got mine set as 65 cpu and the other 2 at 60 will that be ok
  13. Yip enjoy mate i got a day 1 edition and i don't think iv turned it in since then 😜
  14. ken

    Game title's

    Ok thanks for reply guys
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