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    NO REASON IS MY SKILL But thanks for you help ama test it now EDIT. IT WORKS THANK YOU SO MUCH
  2. Note. This is not because of aurora So my GTA5 Will run but at the start it always ask me to sign in and i did it but it wont start it just keeps asking to sign in, and it says Allert. You have not sign in. you will need to sign in to save your progres and awarded achievements. Do you want to sign in now And i press yes it shows me this again all over and ove and over again
  3. Maybe i dont really remember, and before you tell me y u no check no xbox 4 exam Pardon for how lame i talk
  4. The newest i just update it 2 days ago
  5. GTA 5 And no it is not but it keeps saying fo me to reinstall game and it works
  6. Before You ReadDown There Its NOT Because of aurora i just dont know where to post this So My Gta Keeps Crashing After I Download Patch 23/24 I Have All The Dlc On And Without Then Has beenn Tested So I Need Your Help To Fix This And Btw Its Keeps Telling Me To Reinstall I Dont Know If It Will Fix It
  7. Nevermind i gout it figure out but thanks for telling me about the internet doe
  8. how do i checked it i already plug everything and my wifi is fine and the cabble is fine too
  9. So i tired to download covers in aurora but i cant i already enable xhhtp but still cant and i cant login to unity it says "an error has occurred in obtaining API key. please try again later" that what it says always Ps. The unity dosnt really matter but the cover does, why OCD
  10. The first question dosnt really matter but i already disable livestrong it download nothing(Not really sure cause cover didnt) and i tired to disable livestrong nothing happend xhhtp is on and before someone tell me to delete launch.ini already done that and i cant login to Unity its says "An error has occurred in obtaining API key.Please try again later" PS.Please dong get mad for to many question . oh and search the forum i cant my net is awfull. Oh and i forgot to ask is it okay to enter the API manually
  11. So is this going to be like freestyle when you click the xbox button its says "Aurora Dash" like that? and can someone tell me how do i make aurora as my default dash and how do i downlad cover? is thats alot to ask
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