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    ... If you say' it... I do not have any letters down.... @x1024 ... At at closer look I found this - I have 17" monitor, I have checked on "Letterbox on 4:3 screen" in display\view, my usual screen settings.bmp and for this particular screenshot I have narrowed vertical overscan to 35px (usually I have both settings to 0 and checked "Letterbox...") screen_hor_35px.bmp I think they are from "home screen" and the button "B" should be there? because in my usually overscan settings set to 0 he didn't show up screen_hor_0px.bmp About the letters... I have in mind a suggestion -if you don't mind and if you like' it - In my opinion.... when I first open the menu I did not realize which "button" is selected (until I hit the joystick) and that's because the relative "little" difference (in tone color) between active button and the rest and what is the purpose of it.... [] so... if I not bother... can you place name of the "button" (CD, File Manager, Display,......) on top of him and make' it appear only when button is focused? Excuse my remark but this is the first thing I see when I open the menu.
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    1. Install your cloned drive in the 360 (so content.db gets updated with the new HDD's DeviceID) 2. Open Aurora\Data\Databases\content.db in DB Browser for SQLite. 3. (Screenshot 1) Select the “Browse Data†tab and choose MountedDevices, then copy the DeviceID of the new/cloned HDD 4. Open Aurora\Data\Databases\settings.db in DB Browser 5. (Screenshot 2) Select the “Browse Data†tab and choose ScanPaths. Replace all DeviceIDs with your new HDD's DeviceID in the “Edit Database Cell†on the right. Click “Apply†after each change. When you’ve changed them all, click “Write Changesâ€. 6. Restart Aurora
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    Hi, I'm still digging up the old xb360 archives and I've come across a game with seems to be extracted as is from the dvd, I use GOD file for the sake of commodity, the point is, does anyone know how can I convert these files to GOD? http://imgur.com/K4BK9Ws
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    Trying to find a workaround for this case: I put into my box an additional folder with a big number of games, scanned it, could see all of them and play. Later I removed this folder, ran a rescan, but still can see the deleted games in my library. Removing them one by one from there is kind of painful. Is there an easier way?
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    I have a few NTSC games for classic xbox but my x360 is PAL and if the PAL version of the same game doesn't support 60Hz then the NTSC game is forced to run at 50Hz which causes glitches and slowdowns. I've already tried region spoof from DashLaunch (with US NTSC region code) but it doesn't work at all so I want to change the region of my console. How can I do that? I've only tound this short tutorial http://team-xecuter.com/forums/threads/46130-Change-DVD-key-and-Game-Region-Code-on-Xbox360-(CPU-key-required) (sorry that I'm linking another forum ) Is it still actual? Where can I download "flashtool" and how to upload (I already know that it can be downloaded through Xell from browser) the modified file back to the console?
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    Recently I've been updating and...adding software to my xbox, but I've come across a lot of files labeled as "trainers", most of which seem like cheat modes, while some others seem actual mods (I enjoy mods I dislike cheat modes), so can anyone explain further about this files?
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    So from what I can tell, someone is using a spam bot on the forum. I have just got done banning the accounts that were missed, and removing all of the spam(Over 50 posts between 5 accounts in the last hour in multiple threads.) Due to this, I am asking the community here to report it as fast as possible, and if it is missed by the moderators, please flag the accounts, which every user has the right to do. If this causes a non spam account to get banned from posting, feel free to PM me, and I will unflag your account, pending review of the posts in question. Thank you. Sidenote: It might be smart to start by changing passwords, as at least 1 of the users whos account was used, is a valid person based upon previous posts.
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    Hello gentlemen, I have a big problem is that it is totally impossible for me to get into the roms for any game, I was enable ports in the Rauter bone tcp and udp, when I hit the middle button me the "System Link" and the public romm the "Users" appear, but it is impossible for me to appear in the game any rom to play, PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS
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    I do believe it will work.. reguardless.. you can take a og xb iso, and make it into a GoD with iso2god
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    I just used this method to use my old assets on a cloned drive successfully as well. I'm so freaking stoked right now, you have no idea Thank you so much for documenting the method and for posting screenshots professor_jonny, and thank you Swizzy as always for the guidance!
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    If you feed Iso2God an xbox original iso created by e.g. Qwix, you will have an GoD of the game playable on the 360. P.s. Forget about CreatIso, it's more nuisance than convenience. I find 360mpGui much easier to use.
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    Good News! The Dark Skin has been released! Go to first post
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    No problem, share it. but send me link the site you share the skin with it.And a news: the dark skin is much better than the original skin and it will be ready soon to be released. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
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    Cool thanks Swizzy I will give it a try it will definatly save me a few headaches if i can get it to work. Would it be possible for Aurora to be updated to handle id swapping of internal media better and scan the media if the device id was changed for internal drives to see if it has the same content as the database. The device id for an internal fatx (xtaf) drive should in theory not just change and it could be ignored as a possible solution. I guess it is if you scaned media from an external drive with auroa started from an external usb drive that may cause a problem if you swapped the internal drive. Edit: yip that sorted it out content merged to new drive and no rescanning of content worked a treat thanks :-) I guess a simple script could swap the last connected device id and replace the scan path with it, as a quick solution.
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    Hi all. I need the latest title update for minecraft (TU38 or TU # 44 for Jtag). It just got released to day and it would be great if someone *coigh* Swizzy *cough* upload it TitleID: 584111F7 MediaID: 7CD33B56 BaseVersion: 00000001
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    I've downloaded TU 1 on xboxunity.net,actived it, but when I play Vergil's downfall DLC , it keep saying " Need lastest TU to play, please sign in to Xbox Live to download" Game: DMC TitleID: 43430824 MediaID: 021BEF7B BaseVersion: 00000007 Tks.
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    hi! Im new here and not really a techy and I know this is not the right forum but hopefully more can see it and one of you can help me. I'll really need an answer asap so that it will still be in their shop warranty. I just got an xbox 360 jtag and want to confirm if the store is telling the truth. They told me the most stable kernel they can give me is 17150 and the latest dashboard they can give me is freestyle 3 that i need to only change themes. Correct me if I'm wrong, from what I read you need the lastest kernel to play the latest games and the stability depends on how you installed it. The dashboard i checked showed version 2.2 and if what I read on your forum is right it is already discontinued and the latest one is 3.0. Is there anything else I need to check or ask them to do?
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    Yay...... I have been waiting on this for a while now. Thank you Team Phoenix for all the hard work.
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    I dont get how xamphear could have missed this. I know that when ever I create a variable in an app, I give it a default value at the time of creating the variable, just to avoid stupid runtime issues like this.
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    Very nice roundup of fixes in this update, keep up the great work guys, and thank you
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    Great program, in fact its better than that, its a brilliant program
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    well i would like to give this a try but i an getting errors. I am on a W7 machine with framework 4. when i start the program (as an admin) i get the following error: if i click continue, its "says" its scanning. I left my Pc for a night but is was in the same state the next morning: Any suggestions? Help is much appreciated!
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