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  1. I didn't even know anything was in the works, and this is looking incredible. Thanks to everyone involved!
  2. XB1 KI looks beautiful from the footage I've seen. KIxxx on the original Xbox looks and plays magnificently as well. I run it via RGB to my PVM and use it to hold me over until I find a deal on KI & KI2 arcade hardware one day.
  3. Thanks, I would definitely love to have the XB1 version, and and XB1 for that matter. The console versions aren't really comparable to the arcade at all though. I'm just putting the KIxxx idea out there in case it's an easy fix to get working for some experienced coder.
  4. KIxxx, the Killer Instinct 1 & 2 Arcade emulator for Xbox, isn't fully working on the 360. When started, it boots to a game select menu but then crashes after selecting the game. Does anyone have the skills to get it working on the 360? KIxxx is very highly regarded, since it's specifically made for these two games, which aren't able to be emulated using any other programs. The original KI/KI2 arcade hardware is very expensive, and some people used to keep original Xboxes for the specific purpose of KI emulation. Here is a link to KIxxx, which is setup and ready to use after extracting: https://mega.nz/#!hd...i1fAD_w2LfrmFvA
  5. I've narrowed the problem down to mednafenx_PCE_v5. Whenever it gets scanned, Aurora crashes.
  6. My 0.6b is crashing with "an unhandled exception has occurred" whenever I scan for content. Attached are my logs. Any ideas what may be the culprit? Aurora Crash Log.zip
  7. I finally gave this a test on my 360 today. It's my favorite 360 skin by far. Are you working on any others?
  8. I love the new cover browser added in 0.6b! Would it be possible to make a skin modification to show cover previews full-size, and scrolling left/right, similar to how they are presented in Unity? They are currently a little too small to make out on my TV. A shortcut button or combo to get directly to the cover browser from the game list would be a nice addition as well, if possible.
  9. Elegant and simple. I love it, great work
  10. I just read the changelog. This really is an incredible release. So much work went in to it. It feels like we've entered the golden age of the 360
  11. Incredible release, thanks to everyone who made it possible The new cover browser is so cool!
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