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  1. They look really good, just as a side note, adding more contrast to the dark ones can make them look better in my opinion. tnx
  2. Krig Ravn

    HDD tips

    me again, now I have a problem with the external hdd, the xbox won't recognize the damn thing anymore, I didn't mess with it in any way, just deleted the content and then copied the new stuff in there, but now the nxe recognizes the device but wants to format it (which I know would be futile for a 1tb hdd), but xexmenu won't recognize it, I proved with a 32gb usb and a 200gb hdd and both where recognized, I changed the power cable and tested the thing on my pc and seems to be ok, so I don't know where I screwed this one, I mean that hdd was the same that was plugged in the very same port and everything
  3. Krig Ravn

    HDD tips

    After a couple hours of work I think I'm ready to begin installation of data on my xb but before I start copying games and stuff, are there any tips to maximize performance of the hdd? I mean defrag, indexing, and so on. The point is, aurora can handle this "optimized files"? Or should I leave them as is, I know the internal hdd and the mu uses fat32 file system and all usb ports are 2.0 so I can't do that much there. but what about the external hdds?
  4. Cool, thanx, I'm moving to aurora but I had many isos to make and didn't want to waste time if that method won't work the same with aurora. Now that you mention where can I find a list of supported games? I have some weird stuff in my collection
  5. That's for FSD I meant for aurora, and there is no clarification if this method works the same with aurora
  6. Hi I just wanna know if there is a tutorial for dummies about setting up xb classic emulator on aurora so I don't fuck up when installing. Thanx
  7. Krig Ravn

    God file

    I suppose none of those can handle xb calssic titles as well
  8. Krig Ravn

    God file

    Hi, I'm still digging up the old xb360 archives and I've come across a game with seems to be extracted as is from the dvd, I use GOD file for the sake of commodity, the point is, does anyone know how can I convert these files to GOD? http://imgur.com/K4BK9Ws
  9. Depending on your console it is safest to install alternate dashboards and tool in the Hdd1 or internal MU, and keep in mind that xbla and dlcs must be in the Hdd1 and the games may be in any other location
  10. I pretend to sleep at night...

  11. Krig Ravn


    This area is quite interesting, so far I've found a mod that claims to run Crysis at a 60 fps rate on xbox, and searching for a mod that claims to be a graphic overhaul of the half life 2 bundle that comes in the orange box edition for 360
  12. Krig Ravn


    Interesting, I hope those modders are aware of the 360 limitations, because some may be really stupid (like the ones that port skyrim's 4k res mods without resizing), do you know of a community dedicated to create this kind of stuff? I want to learn more to differentiate the good stuff from the worthless ones
  13. Krig Ravn


    Recently I've been updating and...adding software to my xbox, but I've come across a lot of files labeled as "trainers", most of which seem like cheat modes, while some others seem actual mods (I enjoy mods I dislike cheat modes), so can anyone explain further about this files?
  14. Ok got it, by the way add Ascend Hand of Kul 1.2, Blacklight Tango Down and Counter Strike Global Offensive
  15. Me again, ummm I got a doubt with Battlefield 3 (TitleID: 45410950) TUs, while one is marked as Updates for MediaID : 511536A8 (single file) and the other Updates for MediaID : 61C746D7 (4 files), when downloaded all share the same name so they got saved as tu00000005_00000000 and the others the same with a (n), so those will be ignored and only the first downloaded file will be read, so my question is, if those TU are for different media files, they should have different names, isn't it?
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