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  1. maybe it's the type of router? or some plugin that I need?
  2. mmm, my provider is TELGUA, It is the most best internet provider in my country
  3. the data port and the broadcast port they are failed, the router upnp is failed too, type of connection?, im using wiifi, the last year i played with my friends, very well, but suddenly could no longer, so leave it for a while, until now that I try again, but i can play online, when i go with my friends and play in two tvs. in the same router
  4. im saying, i cant play online, i opened ports, but still cant, i can see the publics rooms with the players, but when i loking for the host into the game, i dont find anybody
  5. Hello gentlemen, I have a big problem is that it is totally impossible for me to get into the roms for any game, I was enable ports in the Rauter bone tcp and udp, when I hit the middle button me the "System Link" and the public romm the "Users" appear, but it is impossible for me to appear in the game any rom to play, PLEASE HELP ME WITH THIS
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