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  1. Please check the MD5 sum... (update xml or site -which one is ok ?) I tried to download the avatar data for 17511 with xebuild gui v3.0 , v2.099, x360 update toolbox and MD5 didn't match - expected: 7B2B1F1C96EDDC8941AFA0896463CBF3; md5 of download: 5D097A5261FF1042099EBC15AE6B5C2D.... (@swizzy if yow remember, I tell you about that at a certain time ...)
  2. Update... I put another cap beside existing one and now there is about 68n... boot time ~ 4sec. But strange thing I've discovered... (strange are IT ways) I put aurora and NFSMW on a stick... if network cable was plugged in console freeze -no matter when; if not, I was able to play more than 1h... else doesn't matter if the ip was static or dynamic the fact was the same: it freeze at a time. Did you encounter same behavior on another consoles ? Next step.... I want to go to a friend to try on he's network to see if I have same behavior... I'll try to upgrade... L.E. there is another log other than that from aurora ?
  3. I know that and I wanted to do it last time but I didn't. It will be done on next upgrade... Till then I have to solve this freeze...
  4. OOO MM GGG !!! I see what "cleaner" means help me with this... what is the idea behind wiring.... what are rules to follow.... If I rewire the yellow one (keeping that loop) beneath those 2 X from heaters it's ok ? On the another hand, I have pretty much time on boot (5-10 sec). My though was "HDMI handshake" was guilty but now...
  5. It's a jasper, RGH1 (if I remember -I have somewhere a swizzy's xebuildgui screenshot...) I'll upload some glitch recently made photos... I'm not shure what "cpu_pll_bypass cleaner" means that I have to check all solders (have in plan that) or ... anyway I didnt know whitch wire cpu_pll_bypass is. Next step is to try aurora with flash... here's the photo... sorry, but I didnt know how to hide... (there is no "hidden content" option in editor?)
  6. Tnx! I have FATXplorer and I see format tools but I didn't use so far... Ill try hddhakr too, but strange thing is when I make backup FATXplorer didn't "say" anything about bad sectors or something and it work flawlessly without any glitches.... L.E. first, I want to make kernell and dash update...
  7. It's worked fine before... I guess it was happened long ago if it was a cold solder... l.e. I check the solders tho... and doesn't matter if is lying down or standup
  8. Hi there! It's been a while since I use my xb so... the past days I want to play something and surprise... the console freezes no matter what... if I browse games, I run a game, in the dashlaunch settings, aurora settings, or even I do nothing. It's time to look for a new hdd? I manage to make backup of entire hdd (only 60G) but I know there is another partitions that I cant see them (I integrate hdd in to windows from FATxplorer program and tried to view with an partition manager but it appears like an whole drive). About that, it is an tut for partition / prepare the new hdd for xbox or I just put the new hdd in the case and let the xbox do the rest ? I have 3.16 dashlaunch and 17502 kernell (if I remember well). There is another program whitch I can see partitions (network neighborhood like). I upload the crash log from aurora debug.log.last
  9. First, make correct dashlaunch setup and then try a wired (not wirless) connection to xbox and see if it work...
  10. Connecting to the internet it's ok, to M$ xbox live it's forbidden if you want to enjoy your slim. Setup Aurora and then play on system link
  11. As gavid said, first restart the router, check if you have Internet on another devices then check what's the xbox ip (if it's automatic) or try to assign one to xbox. Seems like an router "failure". Usually works after reboot Trimis de pe al meu D2303 folosind Tapatalk
  12. You can start to try it and see if are any bugs Trimis de pe al meu D2303 folosind Tapatalk
  13. :-D Trimis de pe al meu D2303 folosind Tapatalk
  14. K, I'll trying this weekend Trimis de pe al meu D2303 folosind Tapatalk
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