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  1. Oh sorry, I searched before asking but I didn't find any good result, Thank you very much I appreciate it
  2. I unchecked livestrong to try system link but whenever I try to play COD MW3 in system link the console just turn off, it happens when I hit the guide button and choose system link to see the rooms, the console shut down after seconds from doing that, I updated the title and done everything I don't know what's the problem
  3. Thank you very much for the fast feedback guys, I installed DashLaunch (with liveblock and livestrong enabled) and Aurora and connected the Xbox to the internet, everything seems good so far except the family settings, it's not enabled and I can't enable it because it's protected with a pass code that I don't know (it must be put by the old owner of the xbox)
  4. Hello guys, I have recently bought a modded Super Slim Xbox 360 and the guy at the store told me not to connect it to the internet no matter what or it will break the console and ruin it, I found that odd and not very logical, I went to him yesterday and told him that I didn't connect it to the internet and I looked online for something similar to what he said and I didn't find anything and he told me that he doesn't know but he wouldn't recommend it, so guys I want to ask you this is there any risk to connect my xbox to the internet? I don't want to play online or connect it to xbox live I just want to setup a new dashboard (Maybe Aurora) and use the ftp and connect x features, so I thought I should ask you first before going further with it. by the way he also told me that Freestyle Dash or any other dash would harm the console because they will be loaded on the hard all the time I really think he doesn't know what he's talking about but I also wanted a second and more informed opinion before doing anything and risk the life of a new bought xbox. thank you
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