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  1. (unofficial) JRunner V0.4

    Thank you Ben
  2. RHG 2 ok but with NO Xell anywhere

    Nothing special. Only RGH 2 ticked. No advanced xebuild options selected. I checked them. Xell button by default on DVD Eject. I don't understand i've never seen this before... Ok for the 1BL Key thank you.
  3. RHG 2 ok but with NO Xell anywhere

    Hi, i'm working on a Corona V2 kernel 2.0.17511 eveything's fine. The console works flawlessly onto RGH 2 but i've got no Xell...none. I didn't remap it with Xebuild advanced options. When i press the Eject button the console starts the Dash as the Power one. I created and flashed several Hacked images with some softs available no success. Still nothing. Anyone would have an idea how is that possible ? Thx Edit : solved by using XebuilGUI. I forgot it. I think it was due to my 1BL Key.
  4. 360 content manager detecting hdd1 only?

    Hdd1 is your internal hdd
  5. F3 crash

    I'll just have a question. As a result of this bug Link was still possible on FSD but as the domain name jqe.com was down there was a bad response from the server ... this means that under FSD to play Link this first passes through Jqe.com then redirected to xboxunity.net ?
  6. [Request]Skype on Xbox 360

    Skype on Xbox 360 was expected a lot and never saw the day despite numerous customers's complains... MS adopted a clever behaviour by putting it on Xbox One encouraging them to migrate.

    From where to where ?
  8. Freestyle 3.0 Rev 780/783 (Not Official)

    There is no problem at all with game covers from this unofficial version of FSD. Why from USB ? No need to install from USB. Instead avail HTTP Server and send the one you want with your favourite web browser
  9. Title Update for Halo CE Anniversary

    There is no newer and\or other TU than TU 2 available on Unity.
  10. xbox rgh freestyle online server with mobile data ?

    Is the ping bad with 4G LTE to play online ? Or jitting ? I don't know.
  11. Cant read nand of trinity slim

    Your J2C3 points 7 and 8 are short circuited. The ones next to the green and blue wires. And what happened to your usb cable ? A mouse nibbled it ? The pictures are of good quality the soldering not.
  12. You probably mean a PCMCIA Card. There is a Hidden Service Menu not available for customers. It's usually a combo with the remote. At first step, before altering your Pan's Plasma in a thermonuclear engine you should try to reset your console display settings to see if a minus resolution could be catched. As it seems you have a Phat proceed this way : Make sure there’s no disc in the disc tray. Turn off the console. Turn on the console. Note If you’re using an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, make sure only one wireless controller is connected to the console, and then turn off and restart the console by using the Guide button on that controller. As the console starts, press and hold Y while pulling the right trigger on the controller. The display settings are reset to the default settings, and then the console automatically restarts.
  13. XM360 not finding XBLA files

    No need for XM360 it's outdated. In DashLaunch set xblapatch active and you should be fine
  14. Is your Pana on the network ? Better to watch for the latest firmware on the official website compare with what's on your TV and apply upgrade by USB if needed. If indeed it's up to date search on the web for " hidden settings menu " or " factory settings menu " something like that (sorry for my english) related to your TV's model to play with advanced HDMI options.
  15. What you could test is upgrading your Pan TV's firmware too if one's available