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    I wish to realmodscene a Happy New Year 2018
  2. GOD files are Outdated onto a JTAG\RGH. No interest. Some softs on the Xbox 360 are outdated like ISO2GOD\GOD2ISO\XM360.... It always states to my point of view
  3. Yeap that is what i wanted to talk about. Why do you need the GOD extension ?
  4. Oh dude you're wrong about me, really... I hate Cheatears ! I'm on talking, don't be upset, i say what i think, you're Modo delete when you want i'm aware cheers Oups maybe missunderstood due to my English, sorry if it did...
  5. Gorgeaous feature indeed like the XKey but as i mentioned you still need an Internal HDD thx to Dev ISO's Extracting still benefits to my opinion as you earn at least 2GB from the latter not to mention the deletions of languages. About that why would you convert GOD to ISO i don't get it ? To my record Minecraft is the winner of waste. 8.7 GB DVD ROM burned to only something about 330 MB useful data
  6. Ok thx to answer what about TU and DLC's onto the Network ? Everything's would be Emulate ? Hum..Could you explain more plz ? THX
  7. I never talked about USB HDD. BUT an Internal HDD is still necessary. Better for you to invest into Dual Nand one's. I have some for sale.
  8. There are things i understand and some don't... NetIso would be a great stuff for sure but an Internal HDD must be still needed for at least TU and DLC although. Assuming the fact you own a Xbox 360 Jtag\Rgh large capacity HDD's recommended. I don't see the benefit of it, sorry.
  9. I misspoke. Indeed the JTAG smcs are not pre patched. But the final result is a nand built with its SMC reset limit patched. Verify in your options.ini file that patch smc is set to true.
  10. R-JTAG radio button in J-Runner does nothing on the latest Kernels (at least) except a (silly) Warning error on the Nand's building process. It uses the JTAG(+/-Aud_Clamp) SMC that is (are) already patched for the five Reset limit on the Nand building. However the reset limit is still there for the NandXell creation.
  11. This is to avoid Game rip share on Retail for instance. Take something that was created on the HDD you want the Device ID. For example a Profile, a Game rip, the Cache in System Settings, etc... Take it by the network ( ftp, Samba ) or by putting on the HDD to PC. Don't copy\transfer to an USB device. Use Horizon for example and it will show your HDD ID.
  12. God thanks. Cheaters are sh.. Don't you see you ruin the games...
  13. If i wouldn't worry about your topic i had never answered. No I don't. Never. I personally never lie to any of my customers. I have nothing to hide. On the contrary xD. Yes i know. Everything's has been told. For me end of story.
  14. What ? Misunderstanding. I'm not such a kind. Don't believe what you've been told in a shop. Trust this forum. I repeat. It can't be an Official MS HDD Case. They're sealed. If you don't belive me just take a look at the underside's sticker. There's musn't be any mention of Microsoft anywhere
  15. How ? In a easy manner ? See below... Microsoft Honk Kong is very Cool to install a RGH lol If so then you should them ask why they spent their money to produce the Corona V7 Winchester motherboard ?... In no manner. There is no paperclip anywhere. Only a spring tied to the HDD's tab to raise the hook that holds it to the rack when you want to pull it off. For sure. If it's a Xbox 360 Slim E 4GB then it can't be an official HDD. There are NO Xbox 360 4GB with an official HDD. The latter are Thermo molded (and\or glued) and you've got a pain in the a..to remove them from they're case. I bet you removed your HDD case in an esay way don't you ? xD Either your lying Pseudo MS RGH Honk Kong Shop left dragging a papperclip near a HDD they prepared for you in a dirty area and magentisim force won or it's your bad that you picked up this papperclip in yours.
  16. Nothing special. Only RGH 2 ticked. No advanced xebuild options selected. I checked them. Xell button by default on DVD Eject. I don't understand i've never seen this before... Ok for the 1BL Key thank you.
  17. Hi, i'm working on a Corona V2 kernel 2.0.17511 eveything's fine. The console works flawlessly onto RGH 2 but i've got no Xell...none. I didn't remap it with Xebuild advanced options. When i press the Eject button the console starts the Dash as the Power one. I created and flashed several Hacked images with some softs available no success. Still nothing. Anyone would have an idea how is that possible ? Thx Edit : solved by using XebuilGUI. I forgot it. I think it was due to my 1BL Key.
  18. Blackjack

    F3 crash

    I'll just have a question. As a result of this bug Link was still possible on FSD but as the domain name jqe.com was down there was a bad response from the server ... this means that under FSD to play Link this first passes through Jqe.com then redirected to xboxunity.net ?
  19. Skype on Xbox 360 was expected a lot and never saw the day despite numerous customers's complains... MS adopted a clever behaviour by putting it on Xbox One encouraging them to migrate.
  20. There is no problem at all with game covers from this unofficial version of FSD. Why from USB ? No need to install from USB. Instead avail HTTP Server and send the one you want with your favourite web browser
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