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  1. I do not agree. 🙄 It's not just Dashboard, but with the arrival of every new dashboard, DL and xeBuild have been updated and bugs have been fixed. So why not have something newer and more stable ... 😉
  2. New kernel 17544. Please update JRunner 😉 Thanks...
  3. 16.05.2018 finall version - small update
  4. V spolupraci s lubek76 prikladam slovencinu. In cooperation with lubek76 add Slovak. Stahujte subor SK-SK.xzp !!! Download file SK-SK.xzp !!! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slovak language for Aurora 0.7b: (15.05.2018) first version (16.05.2018) finall version - small update SK-SK.xzp --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slovak language for Aurora 0.6b: (01.12.2016) first version (03.12.2016) finall version - small update1 (18.01.2017) finall version - small update2 sk-SK.xzp
  5. People are bad ... but not all I would personally like to see a bug that removed the obligation to HL-DT-STDVD-ROM DL10N not have to unplug for booting xell Google translate...
  6. Where is the promised xell 0.994 that was not a problem when booting xell HL-DT-STDVD-ROM DL10N ?
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