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XZP Tool 2.0

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Xzp Tool


Since I dev Jtag (aka no debugging/previewing) I got sick of command line tools.

Version 1 of xzp tool was crap, so this is v2 which I spent a little more time

on. Due to other projects I probably won't look at this again, but if there are

fatal bugs post them somewhere and I might fix. The installer just sets up the

association of the .xzp extension, otherwise it's portable.

- Starkiller



- Browse into xzp files and view contents

- Double click a file to run/view it

- Drag and drop to desktop/folders to extract files

- Drop an xzp to open

- Drop Files when an xzp is open to add

- Add/Extract/Build/Convert/Copy/see Details

- blah blah , you'll figure it out

Thanks to Cancerous for the icons (that wasn't so hard was it?)


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Thanks, I have been adding themes into xeon coverflow edition. I want to make my own theme though so I'm playing with the xui tool.

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Hi! Can someone show how to use this tool. I can open xpz file but i dont know how to edit the content. Pls help. Thanks

Drag 'n' drop basically

Sent from my SM-G903F

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I just loaded the file "default.xzp" and replaced the resources instead of creating the new file and it appears to be working now.





I tried to build the theme file on Windows 10 and the file creates a partial xzp file then throws a exception... It appears that the program creates the archive then tries to access the same file it has open already, I delete the file when the program throws the error and it says its in use by "XzpTool 2.exe" and when I close the program the broken zxp file can be deleted.

The size of the actual file should be about 50mb and an 11mb file is created instead with exception above

If I build the file from different directories of where the xzp file is created then I get an actual error:
"Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow"

after that error the size is almost 1gb in size



Edited by latenight
Found a solution and updated it

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