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  1. Thanks for the update mrknorton
  2. i think your first idea and design of this skin was better, but Blur is also good skin. thank you and keep up the good work
  3. Thank you very much Phoenix Team !
  4. he suggest to add menu sounds in next aurora builds as option.
  5. Thank you Phoenix team. i will never turn that option off !
  6. thank you very much for this perfect collection. your boot animations are simply the best !!
  7. thanks MaxMod for your work just Aurora would be awesome. i dont like to see any name except Aurora in the boot, that why my favorite skin for aurora is SteamOS. simple yet perfect!
  8. thanks a lot to team Xebuild, cOz and Swizzy. and thanks Chrishockey55 for the good news XD.
  9. my dream come true this will make me wait peacefully for nova plugin. thank you gavin.
  10. what a great gesture begallegal1, respect to you man. thank you Phoenix team for everything, and all of you guys making aurora more enjoyable.
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