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  1. Hello installed but does not work ... I do not by any title update download
  2. Skin Aurora Windows 10 released, I created two versions, one with the official logo of Windows 10 and the Alra with the official logo Aurora ... the choice is yours ... By MaxMod.
  3. New Skins for Aurora with the style of Windows 10 "Other Skins Aurora By MaxMod" "If you want to download and install Aurora Windows 8.1 click on the LINK" "If you want to download and install Aurora ONE click on the LINK" "New! Skin Aurora Windows 10" "New! Photo Skin Aurora Windows 10 Ver. 6B" "Download Aurora Windows 10 6B" Skin W10 6b Logo Aurora By MaxMod.rar Skin W10 6b Logo Windows 10 By MaxMod.rar
  4. Update .... released new version of Aurora ONE HOME, even more similar to the dashboard of the Xbox ONE.....
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