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  1. Nice one irishdave, your TU fix worked great
  2. Thanks again, just updated like last time and worked a treat
  3. Thanks BL4K3Y just wasnt too sure about the common zip folder wether that needed to be changed or not
  4. I followed this tutorial last time and it worked flawlessly: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2205-xebuild-freeboot-nand-update-tutorial/ Could this be updated or one similar be made so i can follow that tut again. Its just i kinda forgot and would like to follow that tut again. Thanks.
  5. sh4nka

    COD Ghost TU???

    You have to play a few missions of the campaign for the extintion mode to become unlocked.
  6. Use Xbox image browser to extract the HD textures from disc 2: Xbox image browser http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/228-xbox-image-browser-v290345/ Open up the ISO then extract the content folder by right clicking on it and choosing to extract to a place of your choice.
  7. Wish this was UK i would defo buy if the price was a bit lower. $190 (without shipping) and you may have a chance.
  8. I have been using this app since i first got my RGH and have never used anything else since. Best app ever for RGH noobs and veterans alike. Well done xamphear for making it easier for us all
  9. So wish GTA 5 had system link Thanks for the add BTW.
  10. As datastream mentions sack those cheap RICOHJPN-D01-67 (Aones) and get verbs. Also why are you using the payload tool with an ihas B? you could easily flash burnermax to it and not have to to use the payload again. If using the latest imageburn there is also no need for it anyway as the payload has been implemented.
  11. Are you using the right fsd ie - FSD 3.0.483? You have to get skins made for your version.
  12. sh4nka

    Game covers for NXE?

    FSD ftw, doesnt even come close to NXE. Why pick NXE over FSD?
  13. Only thing i have noticed is colours of dark cars. Up close they can look blotchy and blurred.
  14. What i did was use Xbox imgage browser on disc 1 and extract the folder 545408A700000002 (4 files inside). I then converted disc 2 to GOD which gave me a folder called 545408A7/00007000, after that i used Content Manager 2.2 to FTP to Xbox. All working good. Do not make GOD file from disc 1
  15. Does content manager put both 2 disc god files in the right place? i have never installed 2 or more discs in god format.
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