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  1. i found the problem of swap disk for xex files. It is a dashlaunch probleme because when i unload it this works perfectly.. i wait for a new version of dasghlaunch now..thanks
  2. yes, it works, but why it doesn't work in xex format... it is a bug of fsd or other ? thanks
  3. you use xex file or god format ? how are your folder ? what version of fsd ? a lot of people have the problem... i try different things : usb:/games/splinter1 usb:/games/splinter2 or usb:/games/splinter/disk1 usb/games/splinter/disk2 and each time : fatal crash intercepted the only way to work is with god format... but why ? i have never problem before with multi disk and i try with other game and it's work... thanks
  4. Hi guys,the multi disk doesn't work when you try to swap dvd1 to dvd 2...i have fatal crash intercepted.. ALL my other multi disk games works..(medalk of honor, may payne, mass effect, dead space...)i try with different version of fsd and i have same result. My console is a jtag with latest freeboot and dashlauch.. it seems the same problem as medal of honor warfighter before a dashlaunch patch.. I have extracted iso with xbox image browse and put in my external usb drive... fsd see the 2 dvd...Someone can help me ?thanks
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