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Found 7 results

  1. ---------------------------------------------------| FakeAnim v0.60b |--------------------------------------------------- Overview: This release will allow for fake animations in the form of WMV 9 encoded videos to be played on the console prior to showing the dashboard. Since this file is only loaded after the console is ready there will be a minor increase in boot times. This has no impact on glitch times since the glitch occurs prior to this file ever being loaded. The Delay and Calibration settings are designed to allow the user to tweak the video to their specific system and display. This tweaking makes it so that the video does not get cut off. Please read below for a full set of instructions: Intallation & Configuration: Important: Do NOT attempt to delete bootanim.xex if you are unable to restore to a previous NAND dump via hardware. Requirements: DashLaunch v3.03 is required for this to work. Installation: Copy over all files in the archive to the HDD or USB of the 360. Edit your launch.ini to have fakeanim = point to the fakeanim.xex Reboot the console and make sure the application runs. Ignore the Red Screen being present for a while. Once you have verified the application is launched remove bootanim.xex** from the consoles Flash. (Use FS3 or FTP). Reboot the console and pay attention to how long the red screen is displayed. Calibration takes place in the fakeanim.ini file and should be checked with a cold boot in order to force the GPU to initialize. Once calibration is complete edit the fakeanim.ini and set calibration to 0 Calibration Notes: To adjust the length the red screen is shown. Add to the number to increase the time take delay. Take away to decrease it. The delay function is used to ensure the video does not get cut off during the monitor and GPU starting each "delay" is 250ms. Valid entries are between 0 and 100. For slims start around 5. For Phats start around 13. The goal is to get the red screen to show for the least amount of time possible on the Evil Laugh wmv when performing a cold boot. NFO: FakeAnim_v0.60b.rar
  2. how can i convert videos to wmv that the Fakeanim can read? thanx to all
  3. Here's something I made earlier today that's a sample from a demoscene video awhile ago for an oldschool warez group. ENJOY! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kfWzyV3icpo&feature=youtu.be Fairlight Boot Screen-1.wmv
  4. So I put on fakeanim and deleted the bootanim. But before I deleted it I copied it to a folder in my hdd but it won't transfer. It keeps saying operation failed. The reason why I am trying to do this is because my RGH wouldn't boot up. My ROL didn't spin so I held down the remote connector button on the 360 and pressed the eject button and it booted up. But now I can't move the bootanim back. In need of some help.
  5. Hello everybody. I'll try to add some custom launching animations. I recently made it onto my xbox and I'm really content with it. Pretty eager to make some animations. PS3 launch: This might be a little hate to the XBOX 360, But it still is awesome. Also more to come sooner or later.
  6. I'd like to restore the original xbox 360 boot animation. To uninstall FakeAnim I just need to delete it? And once I delete it, all I have to do is to move the bootanim.xex to the xbox 360 flash right? Thanks. I just want to make sure I don't screw things up.
  7. Leonetbh


    Este é o fakeanim que eu fiz, com nova logo do xbox one. ficou irado show de bola, vale a pena conferir. Como o arquivo é pequeno eu nao postei no youtube. baixe e confira. aqui eu ja coloco ele nos aparelhos que faço glitcher! xbox one.wmv
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