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  1. I reflashed my nand and then my buddy told me to unplug my 360 and plug it back in and it's been about 3 minutes and it hasn't booted up :/
  2. Jeez, the problem is I wasn't the one who rgh'd my 360. I sent it in to get rgh'd but I don't want to spend the money to send it there. Is there any tutorials that you believe is best that could help me re-flash my NAND?
  3. So I put on fakeanim and deleted the bootanim. But before I deleted it I copied it to a folder in my hdd but it won't transfer. It keeps saying operation failed. The reason why I am trying to do this is because my RGH wouldn't boot up. My ROL didn't spin so I held down the remote connector button on the 360 and pressed the eject button and it booted up. But now I can't move the bootanim back. In need of some help.
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