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  1. Syed Saad

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Thanks for the update guys.Also i am getting a new NetISO option (on that thing that pops up when you press the XBOX icon on the controller sorry can't remember what it's called) so what's it about?
  2. Syed Saad

    Aurora 0.7b, including NOVA, by Phoenix

    Thanks a lot guys.
  3. I downgraded and thats how it was fixed for me
  4. Syed Saad

    System crashes when I open system link UI

    Thank you guys i have been facing the same problem
  5. Judging by the number of likes a lot of guys have faced the same problem
  6. Syed Saad

    LiNK problem !

    Happened to me too i use TU3 i think and i can play with others on LiNK you should try different TUs
  7. Syed Saad

    system link

    Use a different Title Update
  8. Syed Saad

    How do I update dash to 17502?

    Maybe you should just leave coz ppl here are too dumb
  9. Syed Saad

    RGH temperature.

    Where is the auto temp option?
  10. Syed Saad

    TUT - RetroArch Unofficial

    Thanks for this found it very helpful
  11. Commenting so this may be revived
  12. Syed Saad

    Pakistan LiNK USERS

    Gamertag : syedsaad Game COD Ghosts
  13. Syed Saad

    Spike in Link players!!!

    The main reason is due to vacations in school/colleges/universities at least thats y i am so active on link these days lets hope it continues