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  1. I downgraded and thats how it was fixed for me
  2. System crashes when I open system link UI

    Thank you guys i have been facing the same problem
  3. Judging by the number of likes a lot of guys have faced the same problem
  4. LiNK problem !

    Happened to me too i use TU3 i think and i can play with others on LiNK you should try different TUs
  5. system link

    Use a different Title Update
  6. How do I update dash to 17502?

    Maybe you should just leave coz ppl here are too dumb
  7. RGH temperature.

    Where is the auto temp option?
  8. TUT - RetroArch Unofficial

    Thanks for this found it very helpful
  9. Commenting so this may be revived
  10. Pakistan LiNK USERS

    Gamertag : syedsaad Game COD Ghosts
  11. Spike in Link players!!!

    The main reason is due to vacations in school/colleges/universities at least thats y i am so active on link these days lets hope it continues
  12. Life is Strange keeps crashing

    Ok i will try to covert it to XEX for now