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  1. Hello everyone .. when i start my xbox 360 slim .. it turns on for about 15 min .. before it shuts down and a red light turns on the alimentary box when i check the CPU temp i find it 71 or 72 C .. pls any solution ?
  2. please.. i've searched all over the places but i couldn't fine the TU of Rise of the Tomb raider Media ID: 2427ED57 can anyine help me ?
  3. i saw that this is a commun problem .. some told me to disable something on dashlaunch but that means i'll lose all my settings saved on dashlaunch
  4. Hello, i download Rise of the Tomb Raider but apparently there's a missing file called "hr-rottr.r44" so pleasr if any one cal upload it or lead me to the place where i can find it cuz as i saw .. many people had this problem
  5. Hello i just dowloaded & installed Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, but when i enter to the game the screen stay back and the xbox freezes. so could the problem be on the game files ? cuz i downloaded it from a website that i always download from & nvr had a problem
  6. Now i have like the weirdest problem .. i added TU#17 succesfully with 2 compatibilities packs... but when i enable it .. i can't find any user on LiNK .. when i disable it .. i find users normally !!!!!!
  7. but i downloaded the TU through Aurora, and i even tried to download & install it manually .. but it keeps telling me that i don't have any TU.
  8. i downloaded TU# 17 & the compatibiliy pack 1 & 2 for COD: Ghost .. i enabled the TU and transfer the C pack via Horizon .. but when enter to System Link it writes me in red TU0 (TU#17 available) .. but i can continue to play though. so what should i do ? & what are the compatibilities pack for ?
  9. i did and every plugin is reachable .. now when i enter to the game there"s no "System Link" option !!
  10. it's enable .. and it's not only with Ghosts but also with Advanced Warfare ant GTA V .. but the reall problem is i just tried LiNK for the first time and it worked well .. but now when i try ro enter to a lobby it says "Downloading Feed Data..." ant stays like that ..
  11. u mean i should download the TU manually ? not from Aurora ? ..
  12. Hello i just tryed LiNK for the first time and it worked well .. but now when i try ro enter to a lobby it says "Downloading Feed Data..." ant stays like that .. another question about TU .. i donwnload TU #17 for COD ghosts .. but when i play it on Link it says on red that i don't have TU (but i can play normally)
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