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  1. Instead of looking at each passcode as a decimal number, look at it as a hex number. The hex number created represents 4 bytes, where each byte is the last 2-digits of the VK_PAD keycode. For instance, if your pass code in hex format is 02030203 then that represents VK_PAD_X (0x5802) and VK_PAD_Y (0x5803). Passcode in this case would be X, Y, X, Y
  2. sorry guys! i searched through all of the languages i could find that i was confident were up to date- i must have missed them or they got buried. If i couldn't see the post ybeor the needed XML, XZP and .DAT i just ignored it as i was trying to rush it to release! maybe next time!
  3. I fixed this in the upcoming 0.7b.1 release, should see it soon. Thanks for letting us know about this bug!
  4. Can you please provide the RU-RU.xzp file you are using for the translation? This was not a pack we included with release so i wonder if something is wrong with the translation file you are using.
  5. Check phoenix.xboxunity.net for information on the extensions.
  6. You need to load the AuroraXUI Extensions to open the Aurora skin due to creating some custom elements
  7. You may have to use Swizzy's other tool. Its Like the LanguagePackCompiler to create the final XZP. The formatting of the language packs changed and as far as i know, that program is what creates them correctly.
  8. The extensions are already on phoenix.xboxunity.net
  9. I added the XML file to the original post for download. We'll get it added to phoenix.xboxunity.net as well once Mattie is backonline
  10. Unfortunately, there is not a way to get the current fan speed from the xbox system- no readily available variable that is holding that information- likely because fan speed is so volatile. What we did in FSD3.0 was when a user set a fan speed, we would store that speed in our database so that when you opned the fan configuration scene, it restored that setting and also, did the same thing at boot. One solution might be to store the setting your self. Possibly have your script set up to runitself in main.lua or something so it can behave similar to what was done in FSD3.0.
  11. NetISO server is designed to connect with more than one console simultaneously. You can even stream the same game at the same time on both consoles with the obvious side effect of the game running slower cause the seeking is jumping all over the place between multiple consoles. That said, it hasnt been physically tested yet- but in theory, it should work just fine. Also yes, we will be releasing the netiso server source code with the hopes that people will be able to port it to other systems and to add features to it, optimize it, etc. Currently, it is written in C# >.>.
  12. Next version of aurora doesnt have a specific inapp way to modify case color for games; however, you can and have been able to modify case color by modifying the content database. I believe there is a column called CaseIndex. 0 = green/xbox, 1 = purple,/kinect, 2 = orange/arcade, 3 = blue/indie, 4 = red/index (new in 0.7)
  13. My personal goal is to get out at least one more release, we have a lot of awesome features that are just waiting to get into public hands. If it includes NetISO and WebUI- awesome, but if not, awesome as well. After 0.7, i dont know what's going to happen or what a potential release schedule could look like.
  14. Keep in mind, that what doesn't get added in this next release has a high chance of not being released any time soon- possibly as far out as a year, or ever. Granted, it could come out a few months later- it all depends on our motivation and work load to push out another release at any given time. So if you are voting for release what works now- then you are doing so with the understanding that the future is incredibly uncertain- and not on any particular schedule.
  15. Hello everyone! I don't normally chime on the forums directly related to releases, but I know this release has gone on longer than expected and a lot of people are growing impatient. As usual our real life commitments are all over the place as of late- some of us had kids, some of us had new opportunities at the day job, and other events like these that are keeping us from spending as much time as we had liked. The Aurora 0.7 release is waiting on completion on a few things. Since the preview video, we added HTTPS support to our HTTP Downloader and began reworking Freestyle Plugin which will initially be rebranded as Nova and eventually (i say eventually, but these releases are getting further and further apart, so we'll see how that plays out) reworked to a whole new plugin (one you saw in our nova teasers). With the reworking of the Freestyle Plugin, we had to rebrand all of the references to Freestyle and change to Nova, we fixed a lot of the outstanding bugs that we couldnt fix due to Repo and versioning conflicts that FSP brought along with it, and rework the WebUI. Also, because of this rebranding, we have to drop support of FSP completely from Aurora, meaning there was some rework in Aurora as well to support this (FSP plugin will still work in earlier versions of Aurora and in Freestyle Dash; however, Nova will not work in those older versions). The biggest change to NOVA is the addition of a new feature called NetISO. Proof of concept was developed by cOz and shared with us to implement into Aurora and NOVA. Essentially what it does is allows someone to run our NetISO server on a local networked PC that serves and manages .iso files to NOVA. NOVA would emulate that ISO as a disc in the DVD drive. We were able to get this working with SVOD/GOD and ISO games and are able to stream these over our LAN using this new system. Obviously this is a huge feature that has a lot of potential for issues that we are working through. All that said, I really want to get this release out as its been sitting for so long, so i wanted to see what the general opinion is to rolling back some of the Nova changes, namely the WebUI and the NetISO feature in the interest of getting the release out. WebUI would be a simple reskin instead of a full refresh and NetISO would be disabled. Obviously, this has the risk of those other changes coming out far into the future, if ever. Debate and let me know what everyone wants! Thanks!
  16. The first argument is an arbitrary identifier number. This number is supplied back to you in the OnMessageBoxReturn callback so you can tell which message box was closed in the event you have more than one message box to detect responses from.
  17. Its not full screen, but the same size as the file manager scene so significantly bigger.
  18. I'll look into a solution for running (2) gizmo scenes too fast. For the message box, the gizmo object has a special message box function that should be used when in a gizmo. Infact, this applies to keyboard and passcode as well. static const luaL_Reg l_gizmoMethods[] = { // Methods added in 0.6b { "RegisterCallback", l_gizmoRegisterCallback }, { "RegisterAnimationCallback", l_gizmoRegisterAnimationCallback }, { "Dismiss", l_gizmoDismiss }, { "SetXLScene", l_gizmoSetXLScene }, { "SetCommandText", l_gizmoSetCommandText }, { "SetCommandEnabled", l_gizmoSetCommandEnabled }, { "InvokeUI", l_gizmoInvokeUI }, { "RegisterControl", l_gizmoRegisterControl }, { "SetTimer", l_gizmoSetTimer }, { "KillTimer", l_gizmoKillTimer }, { "PlayTimeline", l_gizmoPlayTimeline }, { "ShowKeyboard", l_gizmoShowKeyboard }, { "ShowMessagebox", l_gizmoShowMessagebox }, { "ShowPasscode", l_gizmoShowPasscode }, { "Notify", l_gizmoNotify }, // Methods added in 0.7b { "SetXLScene", l_gizmoSetXLScene }, { nullptr, nullptr } };
  19. Hello everyone! I have decided to release Xbox Invaders, a space invaders clone I created using Aurora influenced artwork, as a stand-a-lone game. This game was currently only available as an Easter Egg in Aurora. One reason I wanted to release the game separate from Aurora is because including it in the Aurora package unnecessarily increases the download size of Aurora in the updater and from the site. But the primary reason I wanted to release a stand-a-lone version is so it can be played by people that don't know about the Easter Egg. It will also allow you to add the game to your Aurora game list. I would like to thank everyone involved in the project or sourced assets including artwork and sound. I'd also like to thank play testers who helped to make sure everything was working correctly. Download Link: Xbox Invaders.rar
  20. You can get the API key by using the Sql library. I'll look into making a dedicated function for it some point in the future. Also, you should be able to do POST-requests with the Http library. PHP sessions and cookies probably wont happen though, so our best bet is to extend the xbox unity API but currently a lot of work.
  21. Perfect, that's what I needed. It was actually SetValue and SetStep that were swapped. Got it fixed for 0.7b.
  22. 1) I believe you will need to store a copy of the initData table into a global variable, manipulate the contents of the table, and then when you call this:Dismiss( data ) you should be able to return your table. 2) You should be able to disable the Command A by calling hGizmo:SetCommandEnabled( 1, false ). I believe you can hide a button by either setting the command text ot null or empty. For example, hGizmo:SetCommandText( 1, nil ) should hide the A button.
  23. Our code doesn't have any values swapped and looks like everything should be working correctly. Can you post a sample script I can use to reproduce the issue and see whats going on?
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