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  1. Per-game? No.. but you can save/load config files.. .98 to changed a load of stuff drastically.. and the code is a hot mess of garbled stuff..
  2. this is because you had the plugin running while updating.. you need to unload FSD plugin.. then retry
  3. I guess it would be me mate.. I'm not gonna approve the FIFA 21 picture, as there is no FIFA 21 in the DB.. or for 360 if I recall.. you want that cover use the asset editor.. we try to keep things in order.. but the others I will get around to approving if they match correctly
  4. Technically you should only need to rescan for content.. it should automatically change the stuff for you.. meaning look for the .data file instead of the .xex
  5. the xbox 360 can not read multiple partitions.. it will only read the first partition.
  6. No.. aurora trainers are only available for aurora.. there is other engines that would work..
  7. There is the content scanner and TU scanner.. Make sure you are using the TU scanner and not the game scanner
  8. No mate.. I don't even have a guitar controller anymore to make it either... You do have to scan for new TUs once you transfer them, if you do not use aurora to download it from server..
  9. You can change the texture pack, and it will be selectable in-game, but the original will be lost
  10. the only fifa cover is a fifa 21 for fifa 19..
  11. what exactly do you mean? you cant manually do this.. you would need to edit a texture pack and such..
  12. And the tu can be easily put on usb and transferred to retail units..
  13. you can get the TU from here..
  14. The latest update is on this site.. just search.. I know I've posted it myself. And the mega link works Edit: you don't need all of them, the latest has all of the previous updates within it.. such as 73 has 72 and below with new changes
  15. can confirm, just a ground point.. there is literally LOADS of spots you can solder to
  16. For stock yes, for rgh no.. you need to rebuild the image
  17. You do have to enable unity, And sign in before you can download TUs from server
  18. the only screen saver option would be in the stock console settings.. this would require modding that part of the kernel to be a custom one..
  19. Use the database cleaning script.. Box art that is grey usually means it's a game that isn't found.. or it's pathed to a device that isn't connected
  20. You can have your own personal music playing in games.. as for triggered music.. then probably needs to be burned to a cd.. just get you a rewritable one
  21. Any iPod or usb with mp3s should work.. Its been this way ever since 2008 time frame? Lol Edit: you have to select music player from guide.menu
  22. felida

    Rgloader 17489

    Rgloader is only for 16mb nands.. you have a big block jasper.. It will not work..
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