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  1. i didn't need fakelike or autofake and would rther not enable them tbh. swizzy tried your licensecleaner app and it error'd.thanks though.
  2. i gave up thinking i could play this until i saw it on unity. cheers for the handy info. above info worked for me (but it was more than 8 F's as I had to add F's to lines 220 and 240 also).
  3. nah i posted the news on torrentday then copy/pasted it here so it was torrentdays spam detector that edited my post,sorry guys i got the release from homebrew-connection. i did edit my post here within 10 mins (once i worked out what had happened) but felida beat me to it
  4. Worked fine for me using the updserver method on dashlaunch on jasper jtag 16mB.
  5. it nice to be able to use fat32 flash drive and download content from xbl to it without having to format/configure said drive on console first.totaly unrelated i know.
  6. Noticed I can't see the back of cover of games like we could for fsd3? also how to move games from xbla to xbox 360? No avatar? i downloaded 60 or so available video trailers for the 320 or so games i got will there be more avaialble n future? lastly when i scan for homebrew only 1 title shows up wherr as fsd3 all 6 things i had there did (xm360,dashlaunch,xex menu ect)? thanks in advance.
  7. i just been speaking about that above. Remmigiosh over at modnetwork (hit my link above) by a stroke of luck (he can't remember how he did it) made a GOD version of this game and it works without having to turn off FSD3 plugin in FSD3 settings. Like I say hit my link then head over to JTAG section and GOD section. Confirmed working with TU5 and no splash screen loop error (and you don't have to turn off the plugin). Trust me we've been pulling our hair out on this error trying to fix it. I am still working on it in fact, a solution.
  8. change the link settings.so on one box it might be 1001 and 1002 and on the other 2001 and 2002 just a guess.
  9. sounds like the link settings to me in fsd3. change some of the settings so there not exactly the same on either console. does the LINK test pass on both consoles connected to web? as if moving the hdd you can connect then its a setting (he thinks lol). are you using straight lan connection?maybe you could try both connected to your router instead.
  10. are you on tu18? that seems to be latest TU for that game on xboxunity. you probably are as you can grab it via fsd3 TU manager. is the dlc unlocked? probably is right? try removing all the other dlc and just leave that 1 piece see if that makes a difference. try getting season pass if you don't have it is another thought. try another source for dlc as last ditch attempt.
  11. Hi we have resovled this over in my link above. Don't ask us how but somehow we have made a disc 2 god with the disc one media id. no splash screen loop with TU5 at last. remmigioush's GOD is the one to look for,now confirmed working by 4 of us on modnetwork. someone over there will have tu4 too.pm 2ceedz over there. I wanted to ask swizzy if he knows how to edit media id of defaut.xex as i want to see if i can create a edited default.xex for DAI that might work with tu5 and no splash screen loop (or having to turn of plugin in fsd3 settings)?thaks in advance.
  12. don't think the disc needs a TU it's made to work straight of the bat for those without XBL. Game doesn't ask for install either. The XBLA version needed TU1 as there was a fook up with season pass store online i think. I played the game on XBL and it didn't DL a update. Suppose it's still handy for covers to have it on unity though.
  13. the splash screen loop error (using any TU with this game has the loop error). turning off the fsd3 plugin stops the loop. been widely known and talked about....
  14. cheers skal didn't know that get TU5 here- http://tinyurl.com/Modnetwork-net update:nah still update 4
  15. for the big TU's not on unity try here- http://ModNetwork.net/index.php?app=referrals&reff=56
  16. TU6 is on modnetwork dot net install as follows- Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/555308CA/000B0000/tu00000002_00000000 Title Update 6 343.9 MB (Media ID: 08BF0610) http://ModNetwork.net/index.php?app=referrals&reff=56 Install the game as follows- Best way to play this game is as a GOD from this location- Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/555308CA/00070000/GOD files here aprox 6.84GB Moving the box art from XBLA section to Xbox 360 section in FSD3. All DLC will work 100% no errors and you don't have to mess with editing game.xex or get dirty disc error if playing as a GOD from a different location or have to install any Textures (as textures are all in the god and remain there no installation required). Shame really this method don't work for the Dragon Age Inquisition splash screen loop error/plugin clash, when using a TU,tried it,it didn't,still no solution for noty having to temporarily turn of fsd3 plugin for this game.
  17. We dont support piracy on this site, or sites that actively do. Let alone links to a forum that isnt finished being set up yet.
  18. Isn't DLC avaialble for free in demo format from XBL so sharing demo isn't piracy? That was mainly why x360iso was arouind, no?
  19. i'll be up for that wanna maintain my bioshock infinite dlc
  20. can you post discussion here i no longer have FB account.
  21. upon trying to login- I take it these 2 mug shots that were presented to all who tried to login are the admins who had some of there details posted along side there mug shot.
  22. the deluxe dlc won't appear in that hut when you first wake up i find when you play as 1 big 13gig folder. don't think making that folder a god and placing it in content/00000/title id ect/ will work.....any better. that's what i have found anyway, that the only way for me to play the deluxe dlc is to switch of plugin in fsd3 settings. just use 360contentmanager to get media id of TU and use same app for finding media id of your game be it god or default.xex this game isn't available for download as a god from xbl and can only be played from disc in the retail world.maybe that's why it has so many problems.
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