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  1. I second this, even with TU1 the game is still a big mass of all sorts of bugs and crashes , just because the update is bigger than 200mb we can't get it ? that's weird
  2. It might work if you merge the dlc with disc 1 in GOD format, i just play it as it is since the error only appears when i am out of the game and when it appears i just select try to continue, nothing bad happens xD. Although i am not sure if my game is using the TU or not, it is selected but is there a way for me to actually check the version from within the game?
  3. I'm already playing with the deluxe dlc, doing that will cause my save to corrupt i believe , will turning off the plugin cause any harm later on ?
  4. Putting it inside the cache made it work ! , this is the first game which rejects having the update in 000B0000 folder... However, after putting it in the cache i am getting that error from time to time " FSD has crashed , try to continue, restart fsd," not sure what's the case though. Now hopefully xbuc will go out of maintenance someday and upload TU2 Thank you enon!
  5. Ohhh i see..., now that you mention it, i tried using a random TU1 i found but it doesn't make it able to enter the main menu, just loops back and forth, not sure if this is the right update for my game but i am not applying it right.. Thanks so much man
  6. Greetings everyone ! So, i have been playing DAI without an update for a while now, but it's starting to get more and more buggy and i just can't take it therefore, i searched for Title update for my version ( Media id: 4C274E0C ), but i couldn't find anything at all, not TU1 or TU2. So if someone has it, would they please upload it somewhere for me? i would be glad thanks
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