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  1. Cheers will try that (RSS feed) been away from the scene for so long turned into a noob lol
  2. look forward to the update as my 0.6 verion crashes as soon as i start a game up and go to link (i was playing Blur racing) but is fine from fsd.
  3. tihnk i'll pass until 2017.last time i tried the cmd line method it stopped working. i know it's something my end god knows what it was and i had to use 360nand flasher on jtag to update. soon as you leave a the scene for a year and come back it's like being a virgin all over again lol.
  4. try a flash drive approach. insert a flash drive let the nxe format it ready for use then insert that in a pc and change the name.put a game in there and try to see if game save works with this new capital lettered content folder or if it shows up in nxe even (the game).
  5. Flaminek

    black ops 3 TU(0)

    thanks will check it tomorrow and report back but i used aurora to download it and did activate it. maybe i downloaded it in fsd3 to and that's why there's a problem. will check on the media id's and stuff tomorrow. i have had this game on link working in the past it's just recently i went back to it to have a go.
  6. Flaminek

    black ops 3 TU(0)

    Hi I have the latest TU for blops3 but upon launching the game it says in mini blade i have TU 0 can anyone remind me what i am doing wrong thanks.
  7. thanks swizzy probably user error this time it's been so long since i last updated my memory is failing me lol
  8. thanks,sorry meant xeBuild GUI 2.098. tried Simple 360 NAND Flasher and it only says push x to dump nand but how do you flash back there are no options. also it don't show up in my homebrew folder in fsd3v7775 like 360 nand flasher does.
  9. using ethernet cable.tried updating with dashlaunch3.16 and xebuild 1.16 and same error. this is what i am doing- 1.create folder called xebuild1.17 on desktop and extract the xebuild1.17 files into it 2.copy/paste the common files into the common folder 3.download from xbox the 17502 update and put into the 17502 folder 4.ftp dashlaunch3.17 to jtag and boot it and open configurator and open updserver 5.hold shift and rightclick and open command window here inside the xebuild1.17 folder and type xebuild update -f 17502 tried jrunner too but 17502 isn't there atm. Update: went into the xebuild folder after an found this txt file- Used xebuild gui 1.17 now with nandflasher360 (first time i used xebuild gui) seemed to go okay just a pain as i got to mess with getting the avatar data on there. wonder why xebuild updserver not working for me?
  10. wish it would up for a bit of wolfenstein multiplayer yeah blur is so addictive wish someone would make it backwards compatible on XBO damn that Activision,seems even microsoft can't bribe them like they did for rise of the tomb raider lol so no call of decay body odour 2 either lol
  11. thanks.there's a few sellers i know who do the kamikazee drill method on ebay for a £15 or so. my sister says it was all working fine then some warning flashed on the screen then later they turned ot off and went back to it later and no power. nothing was moved or altered. she sent it me back in uk via collect+ and now it's gone missing too which i am gutted about as it had a black chrome controller and sputnik hack dvd drive and 500gb hdd with 83 games installed
  12. recently sold my sister my old xbox 360 slim with flashed drive. the hdmi had stopped working some time ago. she says the power pack is orange light but console wont power up. i looked online and only thinh i could deduce is maybe its the usb port pins are touching.she says there not. are there any other reasons why it wouldn't power on? meanwhile i am putting feelers out to replace this console in case its died so does anyone have a 360 slim with flashed drive i can buy?
  13. looking for xbox 360 slim with flashed drive none xbl banned and in fairly good nik,
  14. Flaminek

    Blur anyone

    Hi it's been a while since i played blur online since selling my 360 and getting a x1. still got my jtag and fancy a 20 ai room with some human players. i'll look for people between 9pm and 9.15pm every night. please say below if i fancy a game. my gamertag is playblur9pmuk (add me on xboxunity) pss.i nkow how to chain drift (to pickup free nitros) not as good as the pro's but i am fairly good.
  15. how long will the link servers keep going for? I hope forever do they cost money? can we donate?
  16. it would check for topology if it was xgd3 in abgx screen above (not my screen one traweled from a google search). game only 7.3 GB (xgd2) validation not needed these days as all your doing is swapping out the perfectly good SSv2/DMI. don't pass basic stealth as it's a wave 20 game and abgx hasn't been updated yet for wave 20 is all. lots of people get there knickers in a twist about verification but really you don't have to wait for it as long as you pass basic stealth and have SSv2 and topology if it's xgd3.
  17. Flaminek

    Crap Ops 3?

    i've never been intp any of the cods tbh i prefer puzzle games,survival horrors and racers like blur where you sity back take your time have a pause while you haver a puff and carry on lol. makes my brain ache just doing run run bang bang your dead respawn run run bang bang your dead respawn..... 10 print"run run bang bang your dead respawn" 20 goto 10
  18. link will still be going in 10 years time i hope awesome coding.
  19. it's xgd2 (see pic no topology) can burn on any crap media on any drive but best to use verbs.
  20. I found this- Modder Discovers COD: Black Ops 3 SP Campaign On X360, Screenshots Reveal Unfinished WorkCall of Duty: Black Ops 3 is a rather strange release on the PS3 and Xbox 360 as it lacks any proper single player campaign as well as split screen co-op. It is also the first game in the series that won’t run at 60 fps. This won’t be surprising though as the game appears to lack plenty of content that is included in the PC, PS4 and Xbox One version of the game. Recently, one reddit user NeonDiscovery managed to mod the game files on the Xbox 360 to gain access to the single player portion of the game. It confirms that the single player campaign was in consideration at one point during development but it was simply ditched and the work was shifted to just the multiplayer. He also shared two different screenshots from the sp campaign on the Xbox 360, and they definitely look unfinished and ugly. The modder confirmed that the campaign was unstable on the Xbox 360 and barely managed to run at 30 fps. The screenshots seen above also reveal that it was unfinished, but it was perhaps considered at one point during the development. http://gearnuke.com/modder-discovers-cod-black-ops-3-sp-campaign-x360-screenshots-reveal-unfinished-work/
  21. it's amazing what a few little FF's can do
  22. Decent for a 6.18 GB game.
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