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  1. hi guys... may i ask if how to install dragon age inquisition in HD?when i try to install it,it go back to dashboard..im using fsd3,jtagged, and with 10GB free space in my HD..Thanks
  2. Please help me need to download SNES games where can i download it? LINK PLEASE!! THANKS
  3. all of my games installed in my external hdd,then if i use the toll will it erase my games?
  4. Question?will partion format my hdd?when i make a partition?
  5. Jwill hdd partition will delete or format my existing files in my hdd?
  6. help me guys... i downloaded xbla games like csgo,marvelvscapcom etc...but when i run crash bandicoot, it says "this original xbox games is not supported...." what will i do?please help thanks
  7. got worms revolution xbla and csgo.....csgo works fine while worms fatal crash...what will i do?
  8. i inject the file using horizon then unlock it using xm360,,,,,,, the name is tu00000003_00000000 i dont know if it is the right name...
  9. hi guys i just want to ask about AC Black Flag freedom cry DLC. i already unlock the dlc file download updated TU but i cant see freedom cry?! what will i do? hlep me please... thanks
  10. im a noob so can you tell me how to edit launch.ini?thanks
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