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  1. I've tried what you mentioned above just yesterday, but the r real solution was what i said. TU was downloaded via fsd, but had to rename it and voila!
  2. OK maybe i wasn't clear enough. No internet connection where i am, just two xboxes connected with lan cable (yes crossover), and now i tried left4dead 2, it sees the lobby but when trying to connect it says session expired!!! What is happening?!P.S. kernel version 2.0.17150.0, dashlaunch 3.13, dash version 3.0b Rev735. The strangest thing that it SEES the lobby but can't join, so the lan cable is ok
  3. Download latest TU, if it doesn't help go to game directory after downloading TU (something like .../content/000000000/415608C3/000B0000/ and rename from tu00000002_00... to tu00000b02_00... Or the other way. Worked for me!
  4. Hi, I really need help. Having strange issue playing cod:bo2 via system link (offline,just two xboxes connected). I can see lobby, but when trying to connect it says"cannot join game session", BUT if i take my friends Xbox which is the same version, same dashboard etc, put my hdd on it, i can connect to THIS Xbox but not the other way. What is happening?! Did all tu's, dashboard updates, avatar updates. What confuses me is this Xbox. If all three x'es are identical (jaspers 16mb), same versions, same chips, why this is happening? Please help and thanks for your time. I'm getting insane from googling all day :|
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