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  1. Mith

    Best PS4 Games?

    The PS4 game that is absolutely worth it for me is The Witcher 3. It's still miles ahead on anything else the PS4 has to offer.
  2. Went through the changelog and new features. Looks really solid. I won't be using it often, due to a switch to the PS4, but these Aurora updates are miles ahead of any PS4 System Software updates I've been getting recently. Congratz!!
  3. Thought I remembered correctly but apparently not. Thanks for correcting.
  4. Wolfenstein The New Order has 4 discs that are playable. Using Aurora, you can rip each disc to a folder on your HDD. After having 4 Wolfenstein folders on your internal HDD, you can reboot your console and Aurora will scan the HDD for new games. The 4 discs will show up and you can start either one of them. In the game, Aurora will automatically look for the correct disc depending on your progression through the campaign. I don't remember an additional installation procedure being required.
  5. Lol, I thought you might have made a typo, but 2010 games... you kiddin'?! Btw, I have my games just separated in folders. So a folder can be named according to a game's name. That's the easiest thing for me.
  6. True, Oblivion's second disc is all the DLC content. For other multi-disc games, you load one and the other discs should automatically load when it's necessary in the story (e.g., for Mass Effect 2/3). Even other multi-disc games, the single player content is contained on one disc, while the multiplayer content is on the second disc (e.g., BF4). Finally, some games like GTA V, need an install of the second disc content before being able to play the normal game that is located on the first disc. The install content is then just some graphics/physics data that's needed to play the game. (P.S.: a disk is a drive like a HDD or a SSD, a disc is a disc like DVD, CD, Blu-ray.)
  7. It was a pretty lame meeting IMO. I don't care about anything they've said or announced, and the unreleased gameplay they've showed off looked all but interesting: (1) I'm all for Mass Effect, but not the part where you just walk. (2) I'm all for new IPs, and Horizon looks cool, but not when you have to climb a tower to unlock an area of the map.
  8. There's just too many games...
  9. I always press the power button on the console a couple of times until everything shuts off. P.S. I also always unplug the power supply so that the RGH itself has a prolonged life.
  10. Try clearing the cache before restarting your console. (It worked wonders for me before, but haven't tried it for problems regarding content scanning. It is definitely worth a shot though.)
  11. Even the PS4 can't play HEVC encoded files... don't know about XB1.
  12. Mith

    Thank you

    After reading some of the topics the last couple of weeks, I just want to say 'thank you' to all of you investing your time trying to help others. This is an awesome community with a lot of brilliant and brilliantly rational people.
  13. I'm happy the 360 didn't take that long to open up.
  14. For all episodic games you have to put Episode 1 in the normal games folder (can be your external HDD), and all other episodes should be put in the Content folder of the internal HDD. Then launch the game through Episode 1. Check, and post back.
  15. Brilliant. This could well solve the problem.
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