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  1. Hi Does anyone have a complete list of xbox 360 system updates with their release dates and what they do? All I could find was the following: http://xbox360systemupdates.wikia.com/wiki/Xbox_360_system_updates_Wiki Otherwise great but only shows from 8955 to 131XX. Thanks. PS. M$ has four latest updates listed on their site: http://support.xbox.com/en-US/xbox-360/console/system-update-operating-system
  2. Finally I am able to get API key and LiNK test was complete success!! What I did was I took my my previously modified image(original hacked 16767 dump upgraded into 17489 using xebuild gui) and a donor NAND and repaired NAND using Jtag tool. Finally I flashed using NAND Flasher 360 for XBOX 360. Thanks for helping! PS. During NAND flashing it told that there was a bad block 0x027D. On the other hand I did dump NAND and 360 flash dump tool shows no bad blocks. PPS. Is there any way to manually set fixed fan speed in Aurora?
  3. Any recommend method to do that? I checked my NAND with XNANDHealer and it says 1 ECC error block, no bad blocks. I followed a guide from team-xecuter. Now if I check it with XNH it shows 2 ECC error blocks. Earlier, when I checked with XNH, I also checked with 360 flash dump tool and it showed Note: Bad Block ID: 0x027D -> Block ID 0x027D found @ 0x3E0 [Offset: 0x00FFC000] However, now 360 flash dump tool only shows Note: Bad Block ID: 0x027D [Offset: 0x00A43A00]. Is it recommend to use a donor NAND to fix a NAND image?
  4. Hi Yes, I ment Link service. That red light thing was gone when I booted my console during this morning. However, when I tried flashing with Simple 360 Nand Flasher I got e79 if I remember correctly. Also one of red lights was flashing there where 3rd player light is. That was a bit scary at first but after browsing through internet I found a way to get back on track(I had NAND backup). On the other hand when I checked my NAND with J-Runner It says no bad blocks but when I flash it with xell or any other flasher I get bad block at 0x27D. I now have 17489 installed but that block was remapped. Everything works okay now except LiNK in Aurora dash. Can my NAND chip be phycally bad? I have Jtag Jasper 16mb. Thanks.
  5. I have exactly the same problem. I have tried many things I could find around internet. In freestyle (v3 rev775) dash Link seems to be working fine. For some reason Aurora dash won't cooperate. Any suggestions? PS. I tried to flash into 17489(my previous was 16767) using flash360. While xbox 360 works fine it now has four steady red lights around power button.
  6. Hi Does anyone know if xbox 360 is able to play h.265 encoded(HEVC) video files? I mean surely with right app it's possible but does xbox 360 have native HEVC decoding? Also, are there any apps supporting software decoding of HEVC(x265,h265 etc.)? Thanks.
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