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  1. i will just use a file browser cant wait for the next release
  2. you know like shortcuts to an xex and stuff so we dont have to use file browser to load them for example lets say we use a trainer or something that doesnt use the aurora dash then we can add a shortcut in aurora to load said trainer or file instead of using file browser
  3. what do i do with the info you gave me is there a guide sorry im kinda new to the mod /trainer scene
  4. any chance of adding the ability to make and or add shortcuts in the new aurora dash release
  5. i know i fixed the issue after i had already posted this thread i apologize
  6. ok so i have an XBOX RGH and i use aurora dash but sadly xboxunity doesnt have a title update for alien isolation so i downloded the title update from another site and coppied it to my usb thumb drive how do i install it to my aurora dash and enable it
  7. trainer is still not showing up and yes its an aurora trainer
  8. ok so i picked up a used copy of elder scrolls oblivion its a single disk but how do i install the retail disk using aurora dash? Edit: problem is solved i figured it out on my own Edit: but now the aurora trainer doesnt show up even tho it matches both my title and media id Dont create double or multi Postings and use the edit function to add information to your Postings ! Dr.Gonzo
  9. ok so i have aurora dash as my main dash and freestyle dash as my second dash on my RGH 360 slim i installed disk one of my retail copy of wolfenstein the new order via the stock 360 dash then went to freestyle dash and used dvd copy to extract disks2-4 but for some od reason when ever i try to resume my game from where i left off it asks me to insert disk 3 whats causing this i checked and all disks are on my internal HDD edit was able to get disk 3 to swap when loading disk one from the stock dash and choosing resume game then putting in the disk 3 retail but when i try to do it with the game on my HDD it asks for disk 3 edit for thoes who ask why i play this game in xex format the reason is so that i may use an aurora game trainer for this game edit freestyle plugin is disabled in aurora dash could that be the problem?
  10. well where do i download these TU's if there not on unity
  11. its deff an aurora trainer but doesnt show up and oblivion has no TU updates far as i know
  12. but how do i install multi disk games such as wolfenstein new order onto my HDD i have the retail dash aurora dash as well as freestly dash altho aurora is my main dash would prefer to install them to the HDD so i dont have to bother with the dvd drive
  13. ok so i recently scored oblivion game of the year edition for cheap and installed it onto my HDD my main dash is aurora its the latest one released i put the oblivion trainer into the trainers folger but when i go to activate the trainer aurora tells me theres no trainer installed the trainers for all my other games show up just fine its just oblivion that doesnt work any ideas how to fix this?
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