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  1. How do I update avatars? I'm getting the same problem and turning off fakelive doesn't fix it. I also read somewhere that turning RSS Feed also fixes it but it doesn't for me.
  2. So the mod menu is causing the problem? I'll just remove it when I want to do stuff which require it. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Since I put the GTA V mod menus in the plugin section of Dashlaunch, my FSD Plugin stopped loading on boot. I tried to load it via Aurora Setting, but it doesn't do anything. Please tell me a solution without involving the removal of the mod menu.
  4. Go to dashlaunch, paths and change the default boot to the default.xex file of Aurora. Don't forget to save it to the .ini file
  5. Yeah, sorry about making a new topic. What do you mean by "too far away from the host"?
  6. So, everything is working fine with System Link, I create a game, other people join, we play, works awesome! But, when I want to JOIN a game, that's when I get the "awaiting for connection" prompt and then it exits out of the lobby and says "Failed connecting to host". What is the problem? I can create games and play with people, but I can't JOIN a game???
  7. Is it better if I use LAN?
  8. It works now, the freestyle plugin wasn't loaded -.- I joined a game, and it gives me a waiting for connection 1,2,3,4,5 and then it disconnect and says failed connecting to host.
  9. Yes, I AM in game. Still doesn't work. It used to work, and then 15 minutes later after I installed the dlc it doesn't work.
  10. Lunat1k

    TU Question

    I am in game but it is still grayed out.
  11. Ok, just one more question. I want to play COD: Ghosts on Link. Everything is setup correctly, the compatibility pack, when I test link, I get all passes. But when I go to Xbox guide menu, system link is grayed out. Why and how can I fix this problem?
  12. I was wondering can you play System Link if you have a banned JTAG?
  13. Lunat1k

    TU Question

    I found them, works now. I'm getting a couldn't find map error, I'm downloading some dlc's now, hopefully that will fix it. Edit: Now that I installed the dlc, LiNK show all passes on the test, but when I open the game, System Link is greyed out. 2. Edit: I think that I may have accidently banned the console. What do you think?
  14. Lunat1k

    TU Question

    Where do I find compatibility packs and how do I install them?
  15. Lunat1k

    TU Question

    I wasn't sure I was allowed to post TU questions on the Title Update section because I don't know if it is only for r/s, so I posted it here. When I want to play COD Ghosts online (I have link setup and everything) it tells me to download additional content. Is this additional content title updates? And when I downloaded and enabled the latest TU (17) it still tells me to download the content. So what is the problem then?
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