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  1. Nvm, I installed a custom HUD and its solved! Thanks man.
  2. Hey there! I finally could solve a problem I had with all my games by changing FS3 to Aurora. Everything goes well so far, the only thing I worry about is that when I press the start button, the first option says "freestyle menu" or something like that so I cannot get back to Aurora whenever I need to. I think it should say "Aurora Dash", how can I fix this? Thanks!
  3. Thats what I found weird, just by deleting a file from PES folder then I cannot play anything! I dont think that this problem arose when I installed TU's with Horizon. I already tried downloading another "default.xex" file, twice, but still nothing... Thanks for your reply
  4. I think I already tried that. I mean, after deleting permanently the file, the first thing I did was downloading another one from internet. Sorry if im wrong, kinda noob in this stuff. Thanks for your reply btw
  5. Hey there, I store every game on my hdd. Today while playing PES 16 I noticed that it needs some updating as a lot of players are where they shouldn't, so considering I can't connect to internet I googled some tutorials about how to update it. I finished up downloading a program called Horizon, where I have to open the updates downloaded from some sites. After some issues and unsuccessful attempts I somehow ended up deleting the file "default.xex" located inside the game's folder. Then I reconnect the hdd to the xbox and try to play PES and it says something like "the game cannot be opened, download it again, visit support xbox dot com bla bla bla", and the same thing happens with every game... I tried recovering the file with a program but I didn't have luck. Then I tried with some original games I have in disc and they worked. After a lot of searching, so far, I have 2 options: 1) Clearing cache data 2) Reinstalling FS3. What do you think? About the option 2, would be okay just deleting the "Freestyle" folder in my external hard drive and install it again?. Thanks!! UPDATE: I SOLVED THE PROBLEM BY UPDATING TO AURORA. EVERYTHING WORKS FINE NOW, BETTER THAN BEFORE THOUGH!!
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