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  1. I have always used DashLaunch to set my maximum target CPU temp to 60 degrees Celsius. This configures the SMC to regulate the fan speed to maintain that temp as a maximum. I use Coronas, and generally speaking, the CPU heats up the most/the fastest. With that being said, as long as the SMC is keeping the CPU at that temp or lower, it will also keep the GPU and Ram below that temp as well. I've found that 60 degrees Celsius is a good balance of safe temperature to minimal fan noise. I never set a static fan speed as it could be too much or too little depending on the situation. As stated in other replies, you will need to reboot your console for these DashLaunch settings to take effect upon changing them.
  2. Hello, I am currently trying to get the dumpfile option in dashlaunch 3.16 to work. I have exchandler enabled, but when I go to set the path for the empty .txt file under the dumpfile option, in the "Paths" menu of dashlaunch, the .txt file does not appear and I am unable to choose a file to dump the crash logs to. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? or what I am doing wrong?
  3. Yes, the official 17489 dash is out, I just downloaded it on my retail console. However, the Xebuild version of it is not available yet, nor the corresponding version of Dashlaunch.
  4. That's my understanding of it. Think of the difference between the original PS1 Resident Evil, and the HD version of Resident Evil (originally released on Gamecube, then followed by Wii), but not HD obviously) that came out on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, and PS4 about 6 months ago. So yes, a recreation/remake. This is opposed to an HD remaster, which is what they did with Final Fantasy X and X-2, relative to the originals which were released on PS2.
  5. Its' about time.... I've been wanting to hear this news for over a decade probably. I kind of figured it would happen eventually, why wouldn't it? FF7 really is a special game and it holds a lot of fond memories for me from back in 1997. I still remember the day I bought it on PS1 (along with Resident Evil, which also got an HD remake).
  6. Thank you Team Phoenix and all the users that contribute to the scene and the betterment of an already great dashboard. Your hard work does not go unnoticed or unappreciated!
  7. In regard to the "Release Date" sort, Swizzy already made it...check out his Filters and Scripts page on github.com; there's a lot of useful stuff already written on there. You can find the link in the pinned thread in the Aurora Filters and Scripts forum of realmodscene.com
  8. Ok, I see now, so the "Last Played" sort script is going to show me everything no matter what, but pertaining to what I have played and when I have played it in relation to what I have not, depending on whether I have "ascending" or "descending" checked in the quick view. I would appreciate you making that filter you mentioned, but at your convenience; no rush. thanks for the help!
  9. Oh man, I'm starting to feel silly for not being able to get this to work properly. I have the latest data from the above link, and I have the LastPlayed.lua file in the correct folder path from the above quote. "Last Played" is showing up under my "sorts" and it is selectable when building a new quick view. However, when I build the quick view with "Last Played" as the specified sort, it is showing me everything (Xbox 360, Classic, Arcade, Emulators, Homebrew, etc.), it's identical to "Show All" essentially. It's showing things I've never even played before. Should I be specifying filters along with the "Last Played" sort as well? and if so, which ones? I've never had trouble building my desired quick views prior to this.
  10. Sorry, I should have been more specific, it doesn't show up at all. Thank you for the reply
  11. Hi guys, Is this script working? I went to Swizzy's Github page and copied and pasted the script into a blank text document, and then changed the extension to .lua, then FTP'd the file onto my RGH into the User Filters folder within Aurora. This is how I have implemented all the user scripts provided here in the past (thank you by the way). However, I can't seem to get this one to work.
  12. I recently went to add a couple new roms to Snes360 and Genesis360. However, when I went to access the "rom" folders for these two emulators in the file manager (and through FTP), using Aurora 0.5b, the only folders present were "preview" and they were empty. Both these Emulators still work when I start them through Aurora, but their corresponding files (roms, default.xex, etc.) are nowhere to be found. I am assuming this has something to do with how Aurora deals with emulators, I just can't figure out where the files are, and I've looked all through Aurora's subfolders. This problem seemed to arise when I update to Aurora 0.5b. Does anyone know where I can find the subfolders/files for Snes360 and Genesis360 within Aurora 0.5b? I would like to add new roms, and am currently unable. Thank you
  13. This is awesome! Aurora and RealModScene just keep getting better and better. I'm happy to see you are playing an active part in keeping the 360 scene alive, and are still adding great things to it on a regular basis. Thank you It's ready now; click on the link above for more information....the download link is there.
  14. Hello, So I am seeing covers for Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, and Atari Lynx Emulators on Unity. However, I am unaware of the existence of such emulators and would like to download them if they are out there somewhere. Does anyone know anything about this? I already have the port of the Atari Jaguar emulator for the original Xbox. Thanks
  15. Hello, I love this skin, any chance you will be updating it for 0.5b? Thank you, jdoe91011
  16. I held on to FSD3 for a long time too, and didn't want to switch to Aurora, until I finally made myself. Once you use it for a little bit, you'll never go back; it is so much more streamlined, aesthetically pleasing, and customizable in regard to how the end user can operate it. Switching to Aurora made me even more excited to turn on my RGH than normal. Plus, this 0.5b revision adds a couple great features such as the Quick View and search options, which is an improvement upon the tabs from FSD3. In regard to game covers, the "push to Xbox" function of Unity is amazing, and makes it so simple/convenient to build a great library of custom game covers.
  17. Thank you, Aurora is great, and I'm really excited for this update. The content search feature and quick view additions are much appreciated! It looks like all my 0.4b skins are no longer compatible; is there any way to make them work again? Thank you again!
  18. Well, you were absolutetly right. I modifed the title id's for the two xex files used by PCSXR360 2.0.7, using a Hex Editor (HXD), with the method mentioned above by Gualdimar, and then navigated to them in XEXMenu and used the PatchXEX option on both files. This then made them both recognized by Aurora with the their "new", modified TItle ID's (After a fresh content scan on the appropriate path, of course). After having modified the title ID's from 1CED2911 to 00000155 (the title ID on Unity.net), I am able to "push" my desired game cover to my RGH, which I couldn't do before. Thank you for the help Swizzy. So, you now know how to change the title ID of even an XEX with a title ID of 00000000? Would you mind sharing with me how you did this? I pulled it off with PCSXR 2.0.7, (see immediate above quote) and would love to be able to do it with even 00000000 xex files. Thank you for your help either way Gualdimar. I hope this thread ends up being useful to anyone attempting this as well.
  19. Cool, thank you. I tried this, and as you said, I was unable to change the title id for fceux.xex, due to the current title id being 00000000. However, I tried it with pcsxr.xex, and was able to change the title id from 1ced2911 to 00000151 (the title id on unity.com). My only issue now is how do I rehash and resign my now modified xex file in order to get it to work again with it's new title id, on my rgh? You guys have both been very helpful, thank you
  20. I have all my emulators in a folder titled "emulators" on one of my external hard drives. WIthin that folder, I changed the name of the "FCEUX" folder to "00000171" (the title ID on Unity), and am still unable to "push" my desired cover. I will, however, mention that the emulator has an fce360 cover, just not the one I want, where did this come from? What information is Unity using to send this cover? The title ID of the emulator is "00000000" I tried unpacking the fceux.xex file with xextool and then editing it in IDA Pro, but was unable to ascertain where the title Id resided once I had the hex code on-screen. Also, I wasn't sure how to edit it if and when I found it. Pertaining to your post update, how do I edit an XEX file in order to change the title ID, especially without xextool? You said you used XEX Menu? please explain how... Thank you
  21. Sorry about that, I was concerned I might have posted in the wrong place, and sure enough I had. Don't worry, it won't happen again.
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