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  1. Make sure contpatch is checked in dashlaunch
  2. well he did ask why i had my rgh online im not going to lie if swizzy wants to ban me for being truthful then so be it
  3. is there a new dash update? my rgh keeps askin to update? Are they releasing dash 17489 to the public?
  4. did u unlock it with XM360 ?
  5. Synyster7

    MW 2 ?

    Any one wanna play some MW2?
  6. Synyster7

    falcon rgh

    i have A falcon RGH boots up in seconds with 20gb xbox hard drive and a 40gb usb HHD and a wired controller The only thing is the Disk Drive died but works fine will ship to the US will send pics on request 185 $ (The USB HHD will be whipped clean)
  7. i cant download them though Aurora tho nothing shows upand yes its region free i also downloaded the right one though unity it still says im on TU0
  8. what Map? Black ops 2?
  9. Could you link me to a tut ? im not sure how to do it
  10. It Plays game off My usb hdd with out any issues and i updated the kernel 17349 from the kernel right before that one i don't remember exactly what it was and if is a bad flash im not to keen on paying 15$ on a probe im only going to use once
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