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  1. Make sure contpatch is checked in dashlaunch
  2. well he did ask why i had my rgh online im not going to lie if swizzy wants to ban me for being truthful then so be it
  3. is there a new dash update? my rgh keeps askin to update? Are they releasing dash 17489 to the public?
  4. did u unlock it with XM360 ?
  5. Synyster7

    MW 2 ?

    Any one wanna play some MW2?
  6. Synyster7

    falcon rgh

    i have A falcon RGH boots up in seconds with 20gb xbox hard drive and a 40gb usb HHD and a wired controller The only thing is the Disk Drive died but works fine will ship to the US will send pics on request 185 $ (The USB HHD will be whipped clean)
  7. i cant download them though Aurora tho nothing shows upand yes its region free i also downloaded the right one though unity it still says im on TU0
  8. what Map? Black ops 2?
  9. Could you link me to a tut ? im not sure how to do it
  10. It Plays game off My usb hdd with out any issues and i updated the kernel 17349 from the kernel right before that one i don't remember exactly what it was and if is a bad flash im not to keen on paying 15$ on a probe im only going to use once
  11. I use Aurora But because of the center light keeps blinking it just causes it to crash im also on the The newest kernel. could it be a bad flash maybe? Nothing loads as soon as i close the dvd drive it restarts my xbox and the center light just keeps blinking
  12. My Rgh Crashes when i open and close the dvd drive then the light in the center just keeps blinking if any one knows whats wrong or how to fix this please let me know https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5Z2_J2VjrQ
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