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Found 6 results

  1. Hello to all of you. I have a problem and I didn't find any solution on the other posts, so I hope anyone can help me. My brother was playing as usual on the Xbox, he normally turn off the console and the next time we turn it on it freezed scanning the TU of any game. We tried deleting that TU and the next time freezed with the cache folder, we deleted the cache folder and it freezed building cache profile. We also tried cleaning the console cache and load Aurora without the hardrive but it freezes again, "building profile cache". Looks like the problem could benon the cache but we tried all those things and stills freezing. If anyone can help me I really apreciate it.
  2. So I have a Falcon that had been sitting in a box for a good while that is a failed Rgh 1.2 attempt from when I first was diving into console modding. Long story short, I didn't know what I was doing at that point and managed to mistakenly flash a nand dump that belonged to a different console. This wouldn't be a huge issue but I no longer have any of the nand dumps from back then thanks to my lovely wife deciding to wipe the desktops hdd without giving me any heads up. Fast forward to today, I've removed the 1.2 wiring and glitch chip, and done RGH 3 wiring. Console would boot xell, but the cpu key in xell was rejected in jrunner as the wrong cpu key. Is there any hope of this console booting a hacked dash? I've built a donor nand image in jrunner, but the console will not boot xell or a hacked dash after flashing this nand image. I thought that the cpu key given in xell would be the correct one, even though I mistakenly wrote the wrong nand image to the console forever ago? If not, is there any possible way of recovering the cpu key at this point, or am I totally up a creek? I do have a dump of the nand that would boot xell so I can at least fall back to that point, if it helps at all. Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to lend some advice.
  3. Hi i wanted to change the dashboard from freestyle to aurora and i accidently moved the flash folder to usb but i got that folder in pc how can i fix that?
  4. r987_

    Dead RGH

    I was recently playing my rgh xbox360 slim, it was connected with an ethernet cable to the LAN. When I clicked aurora home, it rebooted and went into the normal (outdated retail) dash and said something about updating the xbox has failed. Eject button isn't working at all therefore can't boot into xell. When I boot normally it sometimes goes to the dash and sometimes red ring with some error number, a few times it even booted into aurora and then immediately rebooted. The device doesn't seem to recognize the hard drive, I tried putting my hard drive in another xbox an it did recignize it. I have no backup of the nand dump. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  5. how to put pc mods for gta v on a rgh xbox 360
  6. I have searched the internet to no avail. I hope somebody can help me here. I have done my fare share of RGH 1.2, and RGH 2, but never had this issue. My Coolrunner keeps glitching at the same rate no matter what timing file I put in it. I can't get xell to boot. I tried pulling the wires one at a time, if I remove RST, PLL, or POST it quits trying to glitch. The CLK doesn't seem to make a difference. If I re-write my original nand, it boots fine so hardware is still good. I forgot to mention, I'm doing RGH 1.2 on a Jasper 256mb. If anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated.
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