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  1. r987_

    Dead RGH

    @felida I don't have acces to dashlaunch though..
  2. r987_

    Dead RGH

    @Neocazen Ok, I do not have a backup of the nand dump, the guy rghed it didn't give it to me and I am not sure if he saved it. Is there anyway to flash the nand? (Remember the eject button doesn't work, so I can't get the cpu key)
  3. r987_

    Dead RGH

    I tried putting Aurora on a usb and plug it in however, when I format the usb to be compatable with the xbox it doesn't format with the usual Content folder but with an xbox360 folder, when I put anything on the root of the usb or inside the xbox360 folder the xbox doesn't see it, when I am trying to see what's inside the usb it shows me the retial xbox browser, that is PROBABLY also why my hard drive doesn't show up, because it is formated in the rgh way with the Content folder. @Neocazen I think that it is either the glitch chip or the nand, what do you think?
  4. r987_

    Dead RGH

    @Neocazen Will try that later and update.. Thanks!
  5. r987_

    Dead RGH

    @Neocazen When I put my hard drive into anoter rgh console it did work (the console could read the drive), however, on my console, it just doesn't show up when viewing the memory devices (it says that there are no devices at all). Without what code?? By chip, do you mean nand?
  6. r987_

    Dead RGH

    I was recently playing my rgh xbox360 slim, it was connected with an ethernet cable to the LAN. When I clicked aurora home, it rebooted and went into the normal (outdated retail) dash and said something about updating the xbox has failed. Eject button isn't working at all therefore can't boot into xell. When I boot normally it sometimes goes to the dash and sometimes red ring with some error number, a few times it even booted into aurora and then immediately rebooted. The device doesn't seem to recognize the hard drive, I tried putting my hard drive in another xbox an it did recignize it. I have no backup of the nand dump. Is it possible to fix this? Thanks in advance.
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